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Wordcash Search: Play and Win Real Cash

Improve your brain with this word puzzle game

Can you spot patterns before anyone else? Do you have a way with words? You have to start playing free word puzzle games! Wordcash Search brings together the best of word puzzle games and fast-paced mental challenges into one winning app. Challenge other word nerds from across the US and win real cash and prizes in the process! 

Why is Wordcash Search so legit? 

Wordcash Search is designed to be fast, fun, and social:

  • Games are timed and last only a few minutes

  • It takes no time to learn how to play because it works just like your favorite word search games

  • You get to play against players from all over the world to see who is the ultimate word champion

  • You can play for free with game tickets or with real cash for as little as $1

  • You can earn real cash and prizes and withdraw your


How do you play Wordcash Search?

While most word game apps make you play on your own, Wordcash Search is a social game. You need to think and act faster than your opponents to rack up points before the timer stops. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

How it works

At the beginning of each round, you will be given a set of words that you need to find in the game board grid. The grid contains rows of seemingly random letters within which are hidden your words. You need to find the words and highlight them to scratch them off the list. 


Some areas of the board will be obscured by ‘clouds’ to begin with. You can clear the clouds as you find your words. The game ends when you have found all the words or when the timer stops. 

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Grand Prizes For Top Players

Various Cash Match Modes

Win Real Money

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100% Secure Cash-out

How to win Wordcash Search

Wordcash Search is a skill-based game so the more you practice the more likely you will be to beat your opponents. Aside from honing your mind, you can also use power-ups and combos to earn extra points. 


1. Combos 

Match words quickly and consecutively to earn combos.


2. Power-ups

You’ll get opportunities during the game to use power-ups that let you slow down the timer, multiply your points, or give you hints. 


In Wordcash Search you can choose to play in one-on-one games or tournaments against multiple opponents. The top 3 players in a tournament will take home, prizes, tickets, or real cash! 


Download Wordcash Search now and start sharpening your word brain! You will have anytime access to one of the best free word search games ever!

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Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AK, DE, ID, IA, LA, MA, MD and SC. 

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I really love playing these games! It’s definitely a stress reliever as well as exciting to be able to win real cash! Love the app and I recommend it to everyone!


If you have any questions, please contact us!

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