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8 Ball Strike: Play and Win Real Cash

Win real cash just for playing this 8 ball pool game

The local pool hall has moved to your smartphone. Now you can play against people from across the US and make money in the process!


8 Ball Strike has all the same ingredients as all fun pool games with a few awesome extra features. Instead of only being able to play against local friends and family, you can play against one or more opponents in one-on-one games or tournaments. Each game lasts less than 10 minutes which means you can fit a game in at any time. 


How to play 8 Ball Strike

In many ways gameplay is the same as traditional pool:

  • The game begins with the balls racked up in a triangle on one side of the table

  • You will shoot the white ball at the balls to break them up

  • You win points for every ball you sink except the white a ball

  • The game ends when the timer runs out or once all the balls have been sunk

  • The winner is the player with the highest points at the end of the game 

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Grand Prizes For Top Players

Various Cash Match Modes

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Real Cash & Prizes

100% Secure Cash-out

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Tips and tricks for playing 8 Ball Strike

Unlike other free pool games, you earn points for ALL the balls you sink, not just stripes or solids. You also have the opportunity to win bonus points by sinking in the pocket multiplier that shifts clockwise after each ball that is sunk. Bonus points are also awarded when playing trick shots, when you clear the table before the time runs out, for not sinking the cue ball, and for having time left over at the end of the game. 


You will master 8 Ball Strike when you can consistently control your aim, spin, and power. 



8 Ball strike gives you a helpful laser guide so that you know where the ball will go based on your aim. Use this guide to play balls off one another or the side of the table. 



It can be extremely beneficial to use spin in your shots, especially when trying to avoid sinking the white cue all. Knowing when to apply back, side, or topspin to sink balls and leave the white ball in a good position is a superpower! 



Of course, how hard you hit the ball is a major factor in controlling the game. Hitting the ball too hard can disrupt the balls too much and cause you to sink the white ball. Hitting too softly could mean that you miss all the balls or simply waste precious time. 


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Download the free 8 Ball strike app today and start playing one of the best pool games you can find. You’ll find it either on the Apple iStore or Samsung Galaxy Store.

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“What a cool concept! I love the way you can play with tickets first instead of jumping in and spending real money.”


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