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DEVELOPERS OF POCKET7GAMES Social Competition Gaming Platform

        Pocket7Games is a social gaming platform that was developed by game app developer, AviaGames Inc., a women-owned and operated business headquartered in Mountain View, California. AviaGames is dedicated to building a worldwide social game competition platform that guarantees our players a fair, high-quality gaming experience.

AviaGames Launches

In 2017, founders Ping Wang and Vickie Chen set out to create gaming apps that are both fun and challenging by offering users the ability to compete against other gamers of equal skill levels. 

        AviaGames uses a complex algorithm to assess and match each player’s ability in order to create this fair gaming environment. Additionally, this sophisticated algorithm is constantly monitored and updated to prevent players from cheating the system. 


Games For Everyone

       AviaGames' most popular app, Pocket7Games, allows users to play just for fun and for the chance to win real money. Gamers play against others to earn either tickets or real cash. There are several ways that users can earn real money through the Pocket7Games app.

  1. Play games that have a specific dollar value and the winner takes the proceeds

  2. Play games that require a certain number of tickets.  The larger games that take 8,000 tickets can earn real money

  3. Once players earn tickets, they can turn those tickets in for cash in the ticket store.

  4. Pocket7Games puts on tournaments and events where winners can earn big cash prizes

  5. Facebook users can also participate by commenting on Pocket7Games posts to earn tickets which can be used to play games on the app

Games That Pay Cash

         AviaGames has made it simple for users to play multiple games within a single platform through the Pocket7Games app which uses a single interface for managing payments for games and also cashing out on rewards. Pocket7Games allows users to purchase tickets and pay for entries into games using ApplePay, Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.

Victors can cash out their winnings by using the easy withdrawal system located within the menu bar of the game.


Growing AviaGames

​        In 2020, AviaGames received generous funding from two top venture capital firms, Makers Fund and Galaxy Digital. 

AviaGames has continued to grow in popularity. We take pride in our industry-leading performance and rapidly increasing user base. Our skill-based games available through the Pocket7Games app include Bingo Clash, Solitaire Clash, Tile Blitz, and Fruit Frenzy just to name a few. These casual games to earn money are available for download on both iOS and Samsung mobile devices in the Apple App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store. Currently, our products are focused primarily on the U.S. market, and we aspire to expand to other markets in the coming weeks, including the UK.

AviaGames Mission & Vision

Our Vision: To create a world-class casual gaming platform where players across the globe can experience fun and engaging games.

Our Mission: To provide a fun online gaming experience that is accessible anywhere, to anyone, at any time.

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