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A Thrilling Cube Game with Matching Colors

The ultimate cube game is in town! Explodocube is a color cube matching game that will surely bring you excitement in every cube burst. Playing Explodocube is very similar to other link matching games out there. You will be given a goal at the start of each round; this is what you’re trying to achieve as you color match the cubes. In this game, every time the cube will link to a match, it will burst and you will gain points. Match all your cubes and reach all the goals before you run out of time. What are you waiting for? Download Pocket7Games today to access Explodocube.

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Explodocube Strategies: Match Cubes Now!

Are you a fan of cube games and enjoy color matching game? Then you will surely ace this game. Explodocube will give you a level up cube matching game with real prizes. Are you ready to play? Let’s start with these simple strategies.

  • Complete Goal.

Tap two or more of the same color cube to clear them. Focus on the goal provided on how many cube colors you need to clear.

  • Power Ups

Clear 5-6 cubes to create a rocket. Rockets can clear one row of cubes.

Clear 7-8 cubes to create a bomb. Bombs can clear 3x3 areas of cubes.

Clear 9 cubes to create multiple cubes. I can clear all cubes of the colors shown.

  • Complete Different Rounds

Complete the goal to level up to the next rounds and win big prizes.


Make Connections and Cash with Explodocube!

This casual game seems simple but you’ll see real results! All those other popular cube games are missing a crucial component - cash rewards! In each round of Explodocube, players get three minutes and a set number of moves to color match the cubes as much as you can. Match all your cubes and reach all the goals before you run out of time. 

Looking to discover a wide selection of games that offer real rewards? Take the opportunity to explore a plethora of rewarding games by simply clicking on "More games" and start playing today!

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