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Fruit Frenzy:
A Juicy Jumble Match Game

Get ready for a delightful and refreshing gaming experience with Fruit Frenzy, the ultimate fruit matching game online! Engage your senses as you embark on a fruity adventure, matching colorful and mouthwatering fruits to achieve high scores and unlock exciting levels.


In this matching game, your objective is simple: match fruit! Swipe and connect identical fruits to create explosive combos and earn points. The more fruits you match, the higher score you get.


Challenge yourself to the best fruit match game, and unleash your strategic skills to conquer the increasingly challenging gameplay.

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How to Play Matching Games Online?
Step-By-Step Guide

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Immerse yourself in a vibrant and visually appealing world of fruits, where strawberries, oranges, pineapples, and more await your expert matching abilities. Follow these steps and get ready to win this match 3 game.

  • Different kinds of fruit are displayed in a grid format. Once the two-minute time starts, a specific fruit will appear at the top of the screen

  • Find this fruit in the grid and find a way to match that fruit without crossing over another fruit and using less than three straight lines.

  • Each time you match the fruit, you earn bonus powers that allow you to clear out additional fruit.

  • Beat the timer to clear the board and claim a higher score than your opponent to win the match.

Big Prizes Await You in Every Fruit Match Game

Experience the perfect blend of excitement and rewards with Fruit Frenzy, the match game that offers a chance to win real cash. Unlike other matching games online,  Fruit Frenzy is free to play. For those that want a chance to win big, you can join the cash pool to compete against opponents to earn real money.

Pocket7Games ensures fair matchups by pairing players with similar skill sets, ensuring a fun and balanced gameplay experience. 


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