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8 Ball Strike:
Download and Master the Classic 8 Ball Pool 

Are you a fan of 8 ball pool games? If so,  8 Ball Strike is for you. This 8 ball pool game will give you the best experience of playing game on sports .


Take your skills to the global stage with this 8 ball pool game, competing in cash tournaments against players worldwide and leaving local limitations in the past.  Each game is designed to last less than 3 minutes, making it easy to get into the game anytime you want to enjoy a fun 8 ball game. 

If you want to learn more on how to play billiards and know more about 8 ball pool rules, then download the free 8 ball pool app now!

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8 ball strike

How to Play 8 Ball:

Step By Step Guide to Master 8 Ball Strike

Before you play 8 ball pool, you need to know these basic steps:

Tap or drag to aim the cue stick, pull back the power bar, and shoot! Each pocket and ball offers unique bonuses, so strategize before you take your shot. Race against the clock to achieve the highest score and outperform opponents to win match prizes. This free 8 ball pool game is accessible to all, but becoming a champion requires skill!


Learn these following tips and you will master 8 Ball Strike. Let's practice 8 ball pool together today! 


  • Aim

In this pool table game, aim the cue stick with a simple tap or drag and adjust the power of your shot by pulling back the power bar.


  • Spin

It's necessary to use spin in your shots, especially to avoid sinking the white cue all. Knowing when to apply back, side, or topspin to sink balls and leave the white ball in a good position is a superpower! 

  • Power

How hard you hit the pool ball is important in controlling the game. Hitting too hard can make the balls move too much and cause you to sink the white ball. But hitting too softly could mean you miss the balls.

  • ​Bonus

Every pocket and pool ball in the game has a different bonus, so it's important to plan your shot carefully to get the most points possible.


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