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2048 Blitz:
The Ultimate 2048 Game Brain Challenge

Are you looking for cool math games online? 2048 Blitz within Pocket7Games App which will give you a thrilling and fast-paced evolution of the classic 2048 game. It is perfect for those who love fun math games or challenging math puzzle.


Just like classic 2048 game, players have to swipe and merge tiles with identical numbers to create higher values and reach the desired 2048 tile as quickly as possible. With its addictive gameplay and increasing difficulty levels, 2048 game is an exciting way to improve your problem-solving skills while having fun. Whether you're a seasoned fan of 2048 games or a newcomer looking for a brain teaser, 2048 Blitz is the perfect choice for a stimulating and entertaining challenge. Play this 2048 cool math game now!

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Play 2048 and be a Math Wizard!
Step-by-Step guide for Puzzle Game 2048

Get ready to exercise your mind and challenge your problem-solving skills with the entertaining 2048 game. Take note of these simple steps for you to get to the top.

  • Simply swipe tiles with identical numbers together to grow their value. You can swipe up, left, right or down.


  • Each match has 3 goals. Complete them by creating the target tiles needed.


  • As you play, you may run out of two blocks of the same value. Swiping will also place another 2-block on the board, which you’ll then want to match in order to start building up block values again.


  • Lastly, complete the final match goal within the time limit.

Strategize Your Math Puzzle Skills and Earn Big Prizes

Play 2048 to earn money! Once you’ve made all the moves you can and it is game over, your score will be tallied up and you’ll find out how much money you’ve earned. Challenge various gamers in the online 2048 game as you aim to achieve a higher score within a three-minute time frame. 

To keep everything fair and even, you’ll be matched against other players with the same level and skill set. What are you waiting for?


Download the best number game in town with 2048 Blitz. If you want more math puzzles related games, click “more games” to expand your gaming skills.

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