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Master the Free Dominoes Game Online

Welcome to the world of Dominoes! It is a famous dominoes game online that will surely give you fun and excitement.


This classic game is simply played by placing the dominoes tile to match the number of dots to the connecting end.

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How to Play Dominoes?
Follow the Step-By-Step Guide

Get to know the dominoes rules. Dominoes is a game played with tiles. There will be a set of 28 dominoes tiles. This guide will teach you the basic steps and rules to become a domino champion. Let the adventure begin!

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  • Setup:

In playing dominoes, two players are handed out with 7 tiles each. One player is randomly chosen as the starting player. A double tile will be drawn to the board.

  • Begin the Game:

  To start the dominoes game, the first player places a tile connection to the double number tile. It will be connected to the center.

  • Take Turns:

   The game is played in turns, where each player must play a tile that has the same number of dots as the end of previously played tile. When the total number of dots on both open ends of domino chains is divisible by 5, the player who made the move receives a score. If a player is unable to make a move, they continue drawing tiles until they are able to make a move.

  • Scoring:

  By the time a player successfully plays all their dominoes tiles, a "dominoes" is triggered. The total value of the opponent's remaining tiles is added to the score of the player who cleared their tiles.

  • Winning the game:

   When a player's score reaches or exceeds 80 points, they win the game.

Win and Earn Big Prizes by Playing Dominoes

You can win big cash prizes by playing this dominoes game online. Collect your points in every win and bring home the cash. Plan your strategies now and play dominoes. If you want more exciting games and win big prizes, click “more games” now.

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