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6 Winning Tips for Free Block Puzzle Games in Blockolot

Updated: May 29

Discover 6 essential tips to win Blockolot, one of the ultimate free block puzzle games. Learn how to strategically clear the blocks and earn real cash prizes!

6 winning tips to win blockolot

Puzzle games have long been a favorite pastime for players of all ages, offering a delightful blend of challenge and entertainment. Free block puzzle games that have colorful and engaging gameplay provide the perfect way to unwind and sharpen your mind with their simple yet addictive mechanics.

Blockolot, a block puzzle game is the latest addition to the world of puzzle games that are taking the gaming community by storm. It is developed by Avia Blockolot combines classic puzzle gameplay with modern features to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

In this blog, we'll dive deep into the world of Blockolot and uncover 6 essential tips to help you dominate the game and claim victory with the best block puzzle on your mobile phone. So grab your device, and get ready to embark on an epic puzzle-solving adventure!

6 Tested Tips to Win Free Block Puzzle Games in Blockolot

Join us as we uncover the secrets to success in Blockolot. In this guide, we'll explore 6 tested tips from seasoned players that will help you enjoy the game and increase your chances of winning cash prizes and beating the game as fast as possible without a time limit. From strategic planning to mastering combos and maintaining streaks, these tips will elevate your gameplay in new rookie and set you on the path to becoming a Blockolot champion!

Tip 1: Plan your moves strategically

Plan your moves strategically

One of the most crucial aspects of succeeding in Blockolot is planning your moves strategically. Before placing a block on the board, take a moment to analyze the three shapes of block puzzles displayed at the bottom and assess the available empty spaces. By planning ahead, you can choose the best fit for each block and efficiently clear the blocks.

Caution! Running out of space to place blocks can spell the end of the game in Blockolot. Plan your moves carefully and anticipate future placements to avoid reaching this point. By staying mindful of your available space, you can ensure that you never find yourself out of moves prematurely and get high score before playing a new game.

Tip 2: Prioritize clearing the bottom blocks

This tip can significantly enhance your gameplay and enjoy block puzzle. By focusing on clearing the puzzle blocks at the bottom first, you create a stable foundation for your next moves. This approach minimizes the risk of creating uneven or unstable structures that could limit your options later in the game.

Additionally, clearing the lower blocks often opens up more space for wisely placing incoming pieces, increasing your chances of achieving higher scores. So, remember: when in doubt, start from the bottom and build your way up to solve the puzzle challenge!

Tip 3: Use long vertical blocks wisely

Long vertical blocks are valuable assets in solving challenging block games. Instead of placing them randomly, strategically use them to create vertical lines, which are often more advantageous for clearing rows and maximizing points.

Aim to position these long blocks in areas where they can either complete existing lines or create opportunities for multiple line clears with a single placement. By doing so, you not only efficiently use these special pieces but also create more space for placing future blocks.

Tip 4: Leave square-shaped spaces as much as possible

block tips

In block games, leaving square-shaped spaces can be a strategic advantage. These spaces are versatile and provide flexibility for accommodating various pattern block shapes. By leaving them open, you increase the likelihood of being able to fit incoming pieces without creating awkward gaps or limiting your options.

Square-shaped spaces are particularly useful for handling blocks of different sizes and shapes, allowing you to maintain a smoother gameplay flow and avoid getting stuck with mismatched pieces. So, whenever possible, when you play block puzzle games, prioritize preserving these square spaces, and watch how they become your key to solving even the most challenging puzzles with ease!

Tip 5: Aim for combos

Creating combos with this puzzle block game is a surefire way to boost your score and gain an edge over your opponents in Blockolot block games. Aim to clear more than one row or column with a single block to earn Combo Points. By stringing together consecutive clears, you can rack up points quickly and climb the leaderboard with ease. Tips 1 to 4 will help you achieve streaks or combos to maximize your score.

Tip 6: Keep on practicing

Continuously improving your skills through practice is essential for mastering puzzle games like Blockolot. Regularly playing the game not only helps you familiarize yourself with its mechanics but also sharpens your spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities.

The more you practice, the more expert you become at predicting block placements and devising effective strategies to clear them. So, commit to regular practice sessions, and watch as your mastery steadily improves, leading to higher scores and greater success in the game.

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More Exciting Features of Blockolot

Discover even more exciting features within Blockolot! Blockolot is not only about games and puzzles, you can absolutely win money from it too! Engage in thrilling matches or dive into multiplayer tournaments. Use tickets to play for free or opt for real cash games. With its vibrant multiplayer mode, Blockolot fosters a sense of community among players worldwide, connecting everyone through friendly competitions.

Play in Multiplayer Tournaments

You can compete in multiplayer tournaments against multiple opponents, putting your skills to the test when you play this puzzle block game. You can also use tickets to play free matches with Blockolot or participate in cash games to win real money.

The game's multiplayer mode can accommodate 5-10 fellow block puzzle players. The top 3 will split the prize pool with the top 1 getting the top prize.

Join In-App Events and Play Mini-Games

block in app events

Dive into Blockolot's world of fun with exciting in-app events and engaging mini-games! Participate in various themed events for a chance to win exclusive rewards and test your skills in a variety of mini-games that offer endless entertainment. Blockolot's in-app events and mini-games offer excitement for all! Whether you're aiming for prizes or just seeking some relaxed gaming fun, there's plenty here to keep you entertained.

Play, Win, and Earn!

Get ready to dive into an immersive gaming experience where playing isn't just about fun—it's about winning and earning big! In Blockolot addictive puzzle game, every move you make brings you closer to victory and rewards. Strategize, clear blocks, and conquer challenges to claim your place at the top. With exciting gameplay and high-paying rewards awaiting at every turn, Blockolot is your ultimate destination for endless entertainment and earning opportunities!

Withdraw Your Money Instantly

Withdrawing your earnings from Blockolot is safe, secure, and hassle-free. Whether you prefer PayPal or Visa, we assure you that your winnings will be delivered swiftly and securely. Blockolot as one of the best puzzle games is committed to providing a transparent and reliable platform for cash transactions, ensuring that you can enjoy your winnings with peace of mind.


Blockolot is among the top free block puzzle games available, offering an addictive mix of challenge and fun. Developed by Avia, its colorful gameplay provides the perfect way to unwind and sharpen your mind. In this blog, we've shared 6 tips to help you dominate the game and secure victory while enjoying top-notch puzzles on your mobile phone.

From strategic planning to mastering combos, these tips will boost your gameplay and increase your chances of winning cash prizes. With multiplayer tournaments, exciting events, and real cash rewards, Blockolot offers endless opportunities for competition and earning money. Play the best block puzzle games today and put your block puzzle skills to the test for a chance to win real money!


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