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Avail Free Game Pass With P7 "Cash Trials"

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Unlock premium gaming with AviaGames' 'Cash Trials'. Experience cash matches with free game pass and win big. Available now in our gaming apps!

P7 free game pass

In the ever-competitive online gaming arena, keeping players engaged and retained is of great importance. AviaGames recognizes the need for this and has introduced a simulated cash match event to help non-paying players indulge in a game mode with a free game pass traditionally reserved for those who put down real money. To achieve this, the team has insightfully introduced the "Cash Trials." This app event is already available in the real cash game app and free bingo app. Here's all you need to know about it and how you can benefit from this unique opportunity.

How To Avail Free Game Pass With "Cash Trials"

"Cash Trials" is a game pass free trial that allows players to experience the thrill of cash matches without the initial investment, providing a chance to earn big rewards. Let's dive into how non-paying players can get a taste of premium gameplay without the immediate cash deposit.

1. Eligibility

Players who have registered on other P7 packages and fulfill the event's conditions can log in to the P7G and Bingo Clash apps to participate in this free event. This will open opportunities for registered players to win real money rewards who don't have any deposit yet.

2. Gameplay

Eligible players can access this free event via a pop-up window and can participate in multiplayer bingo games. That means participants are free to join multiplayer matches.

If players win bonus cash during this match, then a deposit is necessary to claim the reward. The event lasts for 48 hours from when the player activates it. If the players don't engage within the stipulated 48 hours, they will miss out on this app event.

3. Rewards

Upon completing a cash challenge, players must deposit to access their rewards. Deposits can be made before the event ends or within 12 hours of the match settlement if the match is still ongoing after the event ends. However, rewards can not be claimed after 12 hours.

In case a player doesn't make a deposit post the cash match, the bonus cash remains unclaimed and won't reflect in the player’s account balance. Players can verify balances with these labels:

  • Deposit: "Deposit"

  • Rewards: "Cash Trial Prize"


The "Cash Trials" free game pass offers an enticing chance for non-paying players to experience the exhilaration of cash matches and earn big rewards. By integrating a sense of challenge, reward, and easy verification, this free trial game pass is bound to strengthen player participation and ensure a more active player base. So, if you're eligible, don't miss out on this golden opportunity! Download either our real cash game app or our free bingo app and check out "Cash Trials." Happy gaming!



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