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Avia Unveils “Bingo Bliss” Mobile Online Game

Updated: May 24

Avia Unveils “Bingo Bliss” Mobile Online Bingo Game with Added Characters, Upgraded Rewards and New Features

bingo bliss

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 28, 2023 –Avia, creator of the award-winning “Bingo Tour” and “Solitaire Clash” app, and Pocket7Games social competition platform, today revealed its newest title “Bingo Bliss,” bringing new upgrades to the traditional Bingo with added characters and thrilling gameplay. The new bingo for cash game also allows players to customize their gaming experience from relaxing one-on-one matches to multiplayer matches.

As players build experience during gameplay unlike other free bingo games online, they can also unlock special upgrades and features from a range of new strategy avenues. This free online bingo game offers multiple card play, powerups, collectibles, special bingo cards, and epic mini-games, enhancing the social aspect of playing with friends and providing the option to disable in-app purchases.

“We continue to listen to players and take their feedback into consideration as we look for ways to elevate gameplay and add fresh new titles to the Avia mobile gaming lineup,” said Vickie Chen, CEO and founder of Avia. “‘Bingo Bliss’ was developed to enhance a well-loved Avia title, while keeping the friendly nature of Bingo alive. As a fun and simple mobile game, ‘Bingo Bliss’ allows players to choose their ideal gaming style and control their Bingo destiny.”

play bingo bliss

Playing the new online bingo game "Bingo Bliss"

Unlike previous Bingo titles from Avia, “Bingo Bliss” one of the best free bingo games online has the classic gameplay option and rich and expanded content such as strategy gameplay, collection gameplay, challenge gameplay, and more. A key component of the game is the bingo caller, which calls out the numbers during the game. Players can compete in multiplayer

game matches inside the game or enjoy the two-player mode with virtual or printed bingo cards.

“Bingo Bliss” aims for players to have an enjoyable and authentic gaming experience at their own pace anytime, anywhere unlike many popular games. With the new Level Voyage system, players can track their growth in the game to earn numerous upgrades, unlock new features, as well as obtain level-specific reload packs to gain gameplay advantages with mobile Bingo Bliss games.

Seasonal Events and Rewards

Just in time for the holiday season, bingo cash apps like “Bingo Bliss” will open Season Passes where users can earn points by playing in festive seasonal quests. Players can also earn free credits as part of the rewards during these events.

Completing these tasks and earning more points allows players to upgrade pass levels, earn exciting rewards, activate the Gold Pass for exclusive quests, and win incredible prizes like when you win money and unlock new features, not just a new bingo card. Avia also designed the game to simplify deposit and withdrawal operations and secure payment for a seamless user-experience.

Enhancing User Experience with Advanced Technology

Technological advancements that can be seen in “Bingo Bliss are proof of Avia’s commitment to delivering a seamless and engaging user experience. The new free bingo game utilizes real-time analytics to ensure fair play and an anti-cheating mechanism that detects and prevents fraudulent activities. This strong and smart system and game play not only improve the game’s fairness but also build trust between players, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gaming environment during any active game.

Moreover, when you play Bingo Bliss, it offers an intuitive user interface that serves both new and experienced players. The easy-to-navigate design, combined with interactive tutorials and support, makes it accessible for new players while providing challenging and rewarding experiences for seasoned and expert gamers.

"Bingo Bliss" Free Online Bingo Availability

As one of the best mobile games on the market, Bingo Bliss is available for download on the Apple Store. Avia strives to create a fun experience for the mobile gaming community, offering comprehensive gaming controls and anti-cheating measures using real-time analytics and human intervention.

play bingo bliss

About Avia

Founded in 2017 by Vickie Chen and Ping Wang, Avia is the go-to destination for casual competitive mobile gaming and is the publisher of Pocket7Games, a unified gaming platform, and other individual apps including other exciting online bingo game such as “Bingo Clash,” “Bingo Tour” and a solitaire game of “Solitaire Clash.” Avia's games are fun games that are engaging and enjoyable.

Quick to play and quick to win real money, Avia mobile games are designed for players of all skill levels, from casual gamers to hardcore enthusiasts. Avia gaming offerings include 15+ unique, skill-based games linked to a single membership and joint account system, allowing players to seamlessly switch among puzzle, action, card, math, and brain games. Avia also plans to modify the Bingo Page to fit current and future games, indicating their commitment to ongoing and upcoming gaming events.

Avia is committed to providing an inclusive platform to unleash the competitive spirit in everyone, enabling them to experience the thrill of competition as they compete, have fun, and win online gaming apps. To date, Avia has awarded more than $1.4 billion in prizes to its players. Select titles are available as individual apps for download.



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