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How to Play Bingo: Rules, Tips, and Strategies for Winning

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Bingo is a popular game enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. The game has been around for centuries tracing back its history as early as 1530 in Italy. In the United States, bingo's original name was "beano." According to an article published in ThoughtCo., it was defined as "a country fair game where a dealer would select numbered discs from a cigar box and players would mark their cards with beans. They yelled "beano" if they won."

Today, we already have different versions of the classic bingo game. In today's digital era, you can play a lot of bingo games online on your phone. You can play these games both for fun and for some cash. But if you're new to the game, you may be wondering, "how to play bingo?" Fortunately, it's not difficult to learn, and with a little practice, you can master the game and increase your chances of winning. The basic rules of bingo are simple. Players are given a card with numbers on it and must mark off the numbers as they are called out. The goal is to mark off a predetermined pattern of numbers before anyone else does. But there's more to it than just luck. When playing online bingo, there are other aspects of the game that you should also use some of your skills. Factors such as speed, accuracy, and decision-making play a big role in increasing your chances of winning.

The Rules of Online Bingo

Bingo is a game that is played with a set of numbered balls and cards. The objective of the game is to mark off the numbers on your card or ticket as they are called out. The first player to mark off all the numbers on their card or ticket declares "Bingo" and wins the game. Here are the basic rules of playing bingo online:

  1. Most of the bingo games you can play online are multiplayer games where you compete against other players to be the first to mark off all the numbers on your bingo card.

  2. Each game has a predetermined pattern that you need to complete to win.

  3. To play, you must first purchase a bingo card using tickets or cash funds, depending on the in-game currency.

  4. The game starts once enough players have entered the room.

  5. As numbers are called out, you must mark them off on your bingo card by tapping on the corresponding numbers.

  6. If you complete the pattern before anyone else, you win!

  7. If there are multiple winners, the prize is split evenly among them.

  8. After the game is over, you can use your winnings (tickets and cash prizes) to enter more games.

How Do You Play Bingo and Win

Bingo is a game of chance, but there are some tips and strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning, especially when playing online bingo games. One great example are the bingo tips and tricks you can use for Bingo Clash, a Pocket7Games bingo game that you can play for free here.

  • Speed equals higher points

Bingo games you can play online reward you for your speed. The faster you can mark off your numbers in succession without delay, the higher points you will get. Each daub grants you points aside from successfully pressing the "Bingo" button once you already have any of the vertical, diagonal, and horizontal bingo patterns. Each daub multiplies the points, so you better keep an eye and listen carefully to the announcer's callouts!

  • Accuracy is the key

Be accurate when you daub the numbers on your card. A wrong daub can reduce the points you have gained. Moreover, each incorrect press on the "Bingo" button reduces your points. It's very important to get it fast but with accuracy. Be careful with your finger not to touch an incorrect number and always check the announced number carefully on your card before daubing.

  • Look out for bonuses and boosters

Bonus points or boosters are features of the game that makes it more exciting. Take Bingo Clash for example, succeeding daubs on your bingo card will fill up a bar on the game's menu that allows you to choose a number on your card to be called out by the announcer. You can utilize this feature to fill up missing spaces in your bingo card and ultimately increase your chances to create multiple bingo patterns. Another feature of the game is the diamond logo you can see on one of the spaces on your bingo card. These diamonds automatically take up space and you only need 4 more daubs on your bingo card to complete it. You are guaranteed to score higher if you ticked off the pattern with the diamonds. Some games automatically grant special rewards from these diamonds. Players can always expect to receive some surprises!

Other Strategies On How to Play Bingo

There are also other things you can apply to come up with a solid bingo strategy, not just limited to online bingo games, but bingo in general. Take note of these strategies and get ready to apply them the next time you play bingo.

  1. Buy multiple cards/tickets: The more cards/tickets you have, the more chances you have of winning.

  2. Play with fewer players: The fewer players there are, the higher your chances of winning. Although please note that the more players there are, the higher the jackpot is.

  3. Choose cards with numbers that are evenly distributed: This increases your chances of marking off numbers as they are called out.

  4. Pay attention to the caller: Listen carefully to the numbers being called out and mark them off on your card/ticket.

  5. Be selective also with the games you play: Some bingo games online have better odds than others, so choose your games wisely.

  6. Stay focused: Don't get distracted by other players or activities in the bingo hall. Stay focused on the game and the numbers being called out.

In conclusion, learning how to play bingo is a simple process that can provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages. From understanding the basic rules to implementing some bingo tips and tricks, there are certainly ways to increase your chances of winning and level up your bingo strategy. Whether you're playing bingo online or in person, make sure to take advantage of these strategies to make your odds of winning favorable to you. With practice and patience, you can develop your skills and become a bingo pro in no time. So, don't be afraid to dive in and start playing, and remember to always shout or press "Bingo!" with confidence.



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