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Flower Power Meets 8 Ball Pool Online

Updated: Mar 28

Flower Power meets 8 ball pool online this Easter season with a new Groovy Cue in 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash! Enjoy egg-citing visuals and hop to victory now!

easter mystic bloom bundle in 8 ball strike

Spring is in the air, and 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash is rewinding time to the Age of Love with an all-new cue! Equip the Groovy Cue to channel your inner hippie and spread good vibes while playing 8 ball pool online. Celebrate the flourishing flora with this tribute to an era of free love and groovy tunes. Win in style to prove your skills and bring a little Woodstock to the world of pool! Download 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash to permanently unlock this psychedelic pool cue by claiming the Mystic Bloom Bundle from March 26th through April 9th!

Shaking Up Easter 2024 with 8 Ball Pool Online

Last year's Oval Cue resembled the traditional Easter design with its Easter bunny, basket, and painted egg features. This Easter 2024, we are digging deep to bring you a completely unique design to celebrate the start of Spring! Open your mind to all new possibilities of how a pool cue can look with the Groovy Cue. Enjoy trippy visuals with unbelievable motion effects, like an all-seeing butterfly and lava lamp, paired with vibrant neon colors brighter than a black-light poster. Grab this cue, and let your love for the game bloom with every break!

Play Billiards Online with Custom Cues

8 ball strike customized cue

8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash is the best way to play billiards online for cash with an array of eye-catching custom cues. Add to your assortment of one-of-a-kind cues at any time by simply depositing into your game account. Keep an eye out for new cues constantly being added, such as the recently released Celtic Cue for St. Patrick's Day or the ferocious Dragon Cue celebrating the Spring Festival. You're guaranteed to find a cue you'll love, so start showing off your style while racking up new high scores playing 8 ball pool online now!

Unlock the Groovy Cue!

unlock easter groovy cue

Log in to 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash to unlock the Groovy Cue permanently! You can claim the limited-time Mystic Bloom Bundle during the event period or unlock the cue by going to your collection at any time later!

Claim the Mystic Bloom Bundle

Claim this exclusive deal from March 26th (12:00 a.m. PT) to April 9th (12:00 a.m. PT). Deposit $10 to permanently unlock the Groovy Cue and get an extra $10 Bonus Cash by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Mystic Bloom Bundle icon at the top of the Home tab.

  2. Tap "Claim Now" to deposit $10 into your game account through this deal.

  3. Equip the Groovy Cue to use it once it's added to your cue collection!

Unlock in Your Cue Collection

Didn't claim the Mystic Bloom Bundle in time? You can still claim the Groovy Cue plus $10 Bonus Cash for depositing only $20 into your game account following these steps:

  1. Tap the Cues tab at the bottom of the screen to go to your cue collection.

  2. Select the Groovy Cue, then tap "Claim Now" in the cue display.

  3. Tap "Only $20" in the Cue Deal that appears to deposit into your game account and permanently unlock the Groovy Cue!

Easter events and More!

browse more easter events

Avia's wide variety of games and exciting seasonal events will surely have something for everyone—whether you play casually for fun, focus on strategy to train your brain, or compete for real cash. Check out Pocket7Games for Bunny Blitz, season 9 of its monthly Season Pass, or Bingo Tour for its holiday minigame events with bunny-fied characters. New rewarding activities, exclusive offers, and customizable content are always making their way online for amazing players like you! So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to win real cash while having a blast with Easter events and more great games by Avia, like 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash!


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