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Listen, Learn and Adapt: Avia User Experience Survey Highlights Gamers' Preferences and Behaviors

Updated: May 20

Avia Focuses on Community Feedback and Gaming Preferences to Drive Mobile Gaming Forward in 2024

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking the time to garner customer feedback is crucial for a company's growth and success. In preparation for the second half of 2024 and to address the changing player landscape, Avia, creator of the award-winning "Bingo Tour'' and "Solitaire Clash" apps, and Pocket7Games social competition platform, surveyed 10,000 of its mobile gaming users to better understand current player behaviors and preferences and gain feedback on user experience. In an industry that isn't showing any signs of slow-down, nearly 60% of Avia survey respondents are playing mobile games for a minimum of one hour a day and over 70% prefer card games. 

Avia User Experience

"Avia users are fundamental to our success," said Ping Wang, vice president of marketing, Avia. "We remain focused on delivering the best mobile gaming experience and our users' feedback helps us enhance and adapt gameplay and ensure players are receiving high-quality support when needed."

Nearly 70% of survey respondents rated Avia gaming mechanics as easy or very easy to learn and less than 5% crave more from current Avia game titles. While over 65% of respondents may recommend Avia, there is always room to grow. To continue to improve and support positive mobile gaming experiences, Avia is focusing on several areas in 2024, including listening, learning and adapting.

  • Listening to the Community: Listening is a powerful tool when it comes to discovering ways to improve and enhance product and customer experiences. As part of an ongoing commitment to player satisfaction, Avia has a dedicated research team whose role is to survey and interview players, analyze data, identify problems and implement user feedback. Based on the recent survey, fewer than 7% of respondents were less than satisfied with Avia support options, underscoring the team's efforts to resolve player-reported issues promptly. Over the past year Avia concentrated efforts on enhancing support and providing more resources for players to advance gameplay with access to tutorials and guides, and simple connection to customer support, available 24/7 here.

  • Learning from the Community: Negative feedback may feel discouraging, but the insight  can be a valuable tool to learn from. Over 55% of the player community surveyed choose to play Avia game titles for the rewards and prizes, underscoring the importance of making player winnings easy to obtain. Recognizing the importance of transactions, Avia has implemented a safe and regulated process for withdrawing prizes by simply tapping on the "Withdraw/Withdrawal" button and following the prompted steps. According to the survey, nearly 90% of players feel confident about transactions with Avia. That leaves 10% who are less confident. Avia has a team dedicated to analyzing this type of feedback for future updates to improve processes, such as transactional, for everyone. There is no doubt that customer feedback is vital but having the right tools and teams in place for obtaining, addressing, and using it is just as important.

  • Adjusting to Meet Community Needs: After collecting feedback, listening, and learning – the next step is implementing it. Keeping in mind player preferences and feedback, the Avia team is constantly fine-tuning titles by adding more customizations and new dynamic levels to amplify gameplay for players. In addition, the team is focused on the artistic and auditory elements of titles to help deliver an immersive experience. Survey respondents noted Avia's overall game quality, design and features as key components that make Avia stand out from other mobile game options. These included quality graphics, better touch sensors and fun, easy-to-view game layouts. The Avia development team reviews players' insight in order to add new features, change exclusive in-game offers and integrate themes to align with holidays or seasonal events to keep gameplay fresh. The goal is to provide more players opportunities to win prizes and test their gaming skills further. Ultimately, through listening and implementing adjustments, Avia is focused on fostering a more positive community of followers and long-term supporters.

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About Avia

Founded in 2017 by Vickie Chen and Ping Wang, Avia is the go-to destination for casual competitive mobile gaming and is the publisher of Pocket7Games, a unified gaming platform, and other individual apps including "Bingo Clash," "Bingo Tour'' and "Solitaire Clash." Quick to play and quick to win, Avia mobile games are designed for players of all skill levels, from casual gamers to hardcore enthusiasts. Avia gaming offerings include 15+ unique, skill-based games linked to a single membership and joint account system, allowing players to seamlessly switch among puzzle, action, card, math, and brain games. Avia is committed to providing an inclusive platform to unleash the competitive spirit in everyone, enabling them to experience the thrill of competition as they compete, have fun and win. To date, Avia has awarded more than $1.4 billion in prizes to its players. Select titles are available as individual apps for download.



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