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Spin and Win Bonus Cash With Fruit Party

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Spin and win bonus cash prizes in the Fruit Party event within the Solitaire Clash app. Dive into the game mechanics to increase your winnings!

spin and win bonus cash with fruit party

Great news to our solitaire players! Solitaire Clash offers a new event called "Fruit Party" that will spice up your favorite card games. You can now spin and win more bonus prizes within our solitaire app for a chance to double your earnings! Make the most out of this opportunity to win more real cash prizes. In this blog, we will discuss the process of spinning and winning bonus cash. Learn how the game works. This is a great chance to increase the amount of your winnings. The fun never stops at Solitaire Clash!

Fruit Party Game Overview

Fruit Party is only available in the Solitaire Clash app starting from September 18th. Download the game now and start your Fruit Party journey. After downloading the game on your mobile devices, you can now access the app event in 3 different ways. Moreover, players will be using "Chips" as the in-game currency to join the bet. There are also ways in which you can acquire the chips. Below is how you can access the game and how you can acquire the in-game currency.

Accessing the Game

Access the game within the app through the following:

  • Rewards Tab: Look out for the event entrance at the top when the event is online.

  • Lobby Tab: Similarly, an event icon will appear at the top when the event is online.

  • Pop-up: An event pop-up will also appear on the app's interface. Simply click the 'Let's Go!' button to dive into the game.

Please note that there will be multiple players online in the Game Lobby, and players can freely enter and exit the lobby.

In-Game Currency

Players use chips as game currency to place bets on symbols and snag prizes. You can acquire chips in a variety of ways:

  • Cash matches: Join cash matches with a "chips" icon.

  • Deposit: Purchase certain deposit offers that give chips.

  • Watch Ads: You can watch ads to get free chips. With up to 20 views per day, you can earn 1 chip per view. However, these chips must be used within the same day they are earned.

  • Event Gift: New players receive 3 chips as a tutorial gift.

How to Spin and Win at Fruit Party?

Below are the mechanics of how to play the "Fruit Party" spin to win game within the Solitaire Clash app. Read the steps carefully to understand how the game is played and how you can maximize this opportunity.

1. Place your Bets

Players have 15 seconds to make their bets. Each player is presented with 3 betting values. These values might change depending on a player's historical game behavior. The screen displays the minimum bet value currently available by default. Players can manually switch it. There will be symbols represented by fruits such as watermelon, orange, banana, apple, and cherry will be displayed on the spinning board, hence the name "Fruit Party." While 8 symbols are displayed for betting, players can bet on multiple symbols or even place multiple bets on a single symbol. The betting amount and winning odds for each symbol are displayed for clarity.

2. Spin for Real Cash

The wheel spins, taking approximately 3-4 turns before stopping. After the wheel starts, players can no longer adjust their bets. After the wheel stops, the winning symbol of the game is displayed in the bright spot. An exciting mini-game, called "Fruit Frenzy", might get triggered. Here, multiple winning symbols will be revealed. The kitten at the center of the board will throw a dice. The number on the dice will determine how many winning symbols will be on the round.

3. Obtain Prizes

The rewards will be based on your bets. The interface will inform you whether you've won or lost. The prize calculation is as follows:

  • Winning amount = Odds of the Winning Symbol * Number of Chips Bet. This amount is then converted into a Bonus. (For example, if the odd of the winning symbol is 30 and the player bets 6 chips, the player's rewards = 30 * 6 = 180 chips)

The winning amount will be exchanged for bonus money. The exchange rate is 1 chip = 0.05 bonus. Lastly, remember that any unused chips by the end of the event will be exchanged for either Bonus or Gems, depending on your player type.


Solitaire Clash "Fruit Party" offers not only a fun gaming experience but also a chance to win big bonus prizes. By understanding the game's mechanics and utilizing the various methods to gain chips, you can spin and win your luck to increase your earnings. Download the solitaire app today and don't miss this exciting opportunity! Spin for real cash, play smart, and you might just walk away with a pocket full of bonus cash. Happy gaming!



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