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Top hacks to win at Bingo Clash

Updated: Apr 19

Bingo is always a fun choice when it comes to gaming. Easy to pick up and learn, it can help to pass hours worth of time. With the addition of smartphones to our everyday lives, the ability to play online bingo with others is only a few taps away. Bingo Clash, developed by AviaGames, is a bingo game that involves not just skill-based matchups, but quick thinking and a bit of luck as well.

Bingo Clash is more than just a bingo game

There is so much more to Bingo Clash than just the usual type of bingo game. The first thing players may notice when starting the game is that there is a time in the top right that begins to count down. During this time period, players must listen to the announcer call out the numbers - which happens very quickly. In addition, every time a player correctly dabs a number they gain experience towards powerups. These powerups can swing victory into the players’ favor.

In addition to the high-octane powerup filled gameplay, each match can see the player facing off against a group of others or individually in 1 on 1 matches. These players will be doing their best to beat everyone else as landing in the top 3 of the leaderboards, or winning the 1 on 1 match will award a real cash prize. So what are some of the best ways that players can make sure they can win every time?

Using powerups effectively

One of the best hacks for players to know is just how and when to use their powerups effectively. Players only get so many of them in a match, and wasting them can cost them the game. Therefore, careful management of these precious resources is paramount to success.

The first thing players will want to know is that every time they correctly dab a number that has been called by the announcer, they get a bit of experience towards the powerups. The faster they hit each called number, the more experience they earn. If done right, they can get a power up every 2 numbers they hit.

Powerups have a limit

Once players begin earning a powerup, they will notice that it goes into one of two different slots in the bottom left corner of the screen. These slots are reserved for any powerups a player receives, and they can only store a maximum of two powerups at a time. Therefore, the most effective way to manage powerups is to use them as soon as the player receives them. Otherwise, each time they dab a number, they will be wasting that precious experience, as none will transfer over the limit.

The G powerup

The first way that players can do better is to effectively use the G powerup. At first glance, it simply looks like one of the letters of “bingo” but it doesn’t limit itself to just the G row.

How this powerup works is that when a player uses it, they can select the next number the announcer will call. The number called will only appear to them at that time, and it will suspend any other numbers being called temporarily.

The best use of this powerup is to quickly lock down any existing bingos or columns, which can help the player black out their card much faster.

The diamond powerup

The diamond, otherwise known as a free space powerup lets players mark any spot on the board as if it was called out by the announcer. Perfect for nabbing the 4 corners or any pesky spot that hasn’t been called, this powerup should be used quickly, but try to keep one around if possible. This is because in the final seconds it can net the player some last moment bingos which can swing the game in their favor.

The x2 powerup

When a player gets a x2 powerup, they need to be prepared to make some moves upon using it. This is because the effect it grants of doubling points only lasts for a very short time. However, if used effectively, this can really help to push a game over the limit. Players may notice sometimes games can be decided by only a few points, so these x2 multipliers will definitely come in handy.

Avoid making mistakes

When playing a fast-paced game such as Bingo Clash, it can seem like sometimes just dabbing a number could be the best answer. However, this can prove detrimental to a player’s score. For each mistake a player makes, not only will some points be subtracted from their ending total, but they will also lose powerup experience. Therefore, it can be better to take one’s time, rather than just clicking faster than a player may be comfortable with.

Practice makes perfect

Another very important method, though not exactly a hack, is to simply play as many games as possible to gain practice. The more rounds that a player has under their belt, the quicker they will be. Learning how and when to use the powerups does take some time, but after a few rounds of practice any player can be playing like a pro.

Skill-based matchmaking helps to keep the game balanced

For any newer players to digital bingo, the prospect of going up against other players online can seem daunting. However, what Bingo Clash does is make special tournament brackets for 5 to 10 players, which are all in the same skill level. These are the players that will be matched up against the player. This helps to keep things fair and for players to not be overwhelmed against opponents that may be out of their comfort zone.

For those who wish to do 1 on 1 matches, they will also be able to play against others of their skill level or even challenge their friends to matches in order to win real cash!

Use these hacks to win big in Bingo Clash today

By using these hacks and tips as a stepping stone, players will be able to dominate the competition and come out on top of the leaderboards. Bingo Clash is not only a fun and challenging game, but it can also be very rewarding once the wins start rolling in. Download Bingo Clash on iOS and Android devices today, and start winning real cash prizes!


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