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Win Scratch Off Tickets in Pocket7Games "Charm Chase"

Updated: May 20

Enter the Pocket7Games' Charm Chase event for added excitement to your favorite cash games! Win big with scratch off tickets now. Your fortune awaits!

scratch off tickets

Pocket7Games is once again bringing excitement to its players with the launch of a thrilling new event – Charm Chase. Designed to improve the gaming experience, Charm Chase offers players the opportunity to win exciting rewards through scratch off tickets.

This limited-time event is set to take place from January 24th to January 26th, exclusively on all US version apps (excluding web version and Bingo Bliss). Targeted towards players who have been registered for more than 7 days, Charm Chase promises to add a dash of magic to your cash game app journey.

How to Win Scratch Off Tickets in P7 Charm Chase

Curious how to win scratch offs in Charm Chase event? Read the steps below and let's win scratch tickets together. Here's a comprehensive guide to navigating this event and claiming your share of the rewards.

1. Event Entrance

Getting started on your Charm Chase adventure is easy. The online scratch off event entrance can be found on the Games Page, or simply through a convenient pop-up within the app. Make sure to mark your calendar and log in during the event period to enjoy its offerings.

2. Event Gameplay

Participate in cash matches in Charm Chase to earn charms. There are no limits in participation. Four games within the app are available to earn the charms: Bingo Clash, Solitaire, 21 Gold, and Tile Blitz. Entry fees will vary based on the history of your game behavior. Players spend 1 entry fee, along with the consumption of charms by 1

Accumulate Progress Bar and get a Lucky Ticket scratch chance. Focus on one charm target in the Progress Bar at a time. After accumulating the Progress Bar, players get 1 chance to scratch the Lucky Ticket. Unused charms are stored in the Progress Bar for future use.

Let's say the Progress Bar goal is 20 charms. If a player collects 30 charms, they get to scratch the prize once. After scratching, 20 charms are used up, but the remaining 10 charms stay in the Progress Bar, making it 10 out of 20 charms.

Types of Tickets

Here are the types of scratch tickets you can scratch off at this game event:

Lucky Ticket Scratcher
cash bonuses

  • Players receive a Lucky Ticket with a total value of $X.

  • Each ticket has 6 scratch-off squares, unlocked by filling up the Progress Bar.

  • Rewards include cash bonuses and vouchers (entry fee discount).

  • Vouchers have expiration dates, and their usage is subject to certain conditions.

Lucky Ticket Scratcher replacement

Lucky Ticket Scratcher replacement
  • Players are reminded to switch Lucky Ticket Scratchers when they've scratched X squares. If there are still unscratched squares, the player can change to a new Lucky Ticket Scratcher.

  • There's an automatic replacement feature. If players scratch all the squares on a Lucky Ticket Scratcher, it will be automatically replaced with a new one. The total value of the new Lucky Ticket Scratcher remains the same.

Fortune Ticket Scratcher

fortune ticket scratcher

  • Locked Fortune Ticket with 4 squares.

  • Unlockable after scratching the Lucky Ticket Scratcher a specific number of times.

  • Rewards are cash bonuses with varying amounts.

  • Each Fortune Ticket can be scratched only once, and a new locked Fortune Ticket is issued for future unlocking.

3. Checking Game Rewards

Here are the details you need to check when checking your game rewards. Take this chance to earn more bonus cash in this limited-time scratch off online.

Subject Name


Lucky Ticket Prize

Players get bonus in Lucky Ticket Scratcher

Fortune Ticket Prize

Players get bonus in Fortune Ticket Scratcher

$x Voucher Earned

The number of vouchers received by the player

$x Voucher Used

The number of vouchers consumed by the player


Pocket7Games' Charm Chase event is a limited-time opportunity for players to engage in thrilling gameplay, earn Charms, and win big with scratch off tickets. Don't miss your chance to dive into the Charm Chase action, scratch those tickets, and unlock a world of rewards.

If you have not downloaded the Pocket7Games app yet, download this money game app now and play our games to start earning money. May the odds be ever in your favor!


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