Tile Blitz: Make Money Playing Tetris

Are you ready to put your Tetris skills to the test? If you are a Tetris fan, then you are going to love Tile Blitz. Tile Blitz is a fast-paced app where you can win money playing Tetris. Tile Blitz is available by downloading the Pocket7Games app on your Samsung Android or iOS mobile device. 

How to play Tile Blitz

Tile Blitz is similar in nature to the popular Tetris game where you fit together misshaped pieces to create a puzzle with no holes. Tile Blitz is played slightly differently than Tetris. Instead of the pieces dropping from the sky and falling into the puzzle, three pieces appear at a time at the bottom of the screen. Players can select any of the three pieces and place them in the puzzle. Once all three pieces are placed, three new pieces will appear.


Similar to Tetris, when a row is filled all the way across with no gaps, the row is cleared and you earn points. There are extra challenges in Tile Blitz that add to the fun. 


Although Tile Blitz uses the seven standard Tetris shapes, there are some additional large shapes. These unique pieces can be placed for bonus points, making the game even more challenging and fun. There is no rotating the pieces in Tile Blitz, but the advantage is that you can place your pieces anywhere that they will fit in the puzzle rather than just on the top of the game.

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Make Money Playing Tetris

What could be more fun than playing Tetris? Win money playing Tetris! Each Tile Blitz round is set to three minutes and you are matched against another player to see who can earn the most points in those three minutes. Win the game and win real money!


Players are matched against other players of similar skills in order to keep the playing field fair and even. If you are new to playing tetris for money, you can start for as little as $1. Players can also play for tickets and use those tickets to play for practice.

Tile Blitz is Good For Your Brain

Studies have shown that playing Tetris improves your spatial reasoning. A 2009 medical study showed that playing Tetris for thirty minutes a day for three months increased a player's brain efficiency. 


What are you waiting for? Download Pocket7Games today to access Tile Blitz, a tetris game app! Improve your brain function, win money playing games, and most importantly, have fun!

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Grand Prizes For Top Players

Various Cash Match Modes

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Real Cash & Prizes

100% Secure Cash-out

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In Solitaire Clash, we take a three-pronged approach to ensure a fair gaming environment

to play solitaire for real money. 

  1. Fair matchmaking based on skill 

  2. Constant updating of the anti-cheating technology

  3. Player Support always available to respond to your requests

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Daily Spin

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Solitaire Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, ME, IN, SC, SD, TN, and VT. However, players in these states can still enjoy free Solitaire games.

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“What a cool concept! I love the way you can play with tickets first instead of jumping in and spending real money.”


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