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The Best Experience for Block Puzzle Games

Are you ready to challenge yourself with an ultimate block puzzle game? Play Blockolot now. It is the best block puzzle game that challenges players to strategically place blocks to clear lines and score points.


As far as block puzzle games go, Blockolot is most addictive and satisfying to play. It requires players to think ahead and make quick decisions as they navigate through increasingly complex levels of blocks.

With its simple but challenging gameplay, Blockolot is the perfect game for those who enjoy block puzzles and other brain teaser games. 

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block puzzle game

How to Play Block Puzzles and Win?
Step-By-Step Guide

Wondering how to win this best block puzzle game? Follow the simple guide below and give your best shot!

  • PLAN

In a puzzle game like Blockolot, you must observe those three shapes of block puzzles displayed at  the bottom and the available empty spaces to strategically choose the best fit before making your move.


Drag blocks to the board to earn Block Points.


Earn Clear Points by filling all spaces in a row, column. Make sure you clear the blocks on time to get a block puzzle high score.


Earn Combo Points by clearing more than one row, column with a single block. The more you clear at once, the more Combo Points you will earn.


The more consecutive moves that clear lines, the more points you will earn. 


The match will end if you run out of space to place blocks. 

Socialize, Compete, and Win with Blockolot!

Blockolot offers more than just placing blocks and clearing lines. With its unique gameplay and exciting block puzzle for cash feature, players can enjoy the thrill of competing for prizes and facing challenging obstacles

  • Create combos by eliminating rows in a sequence of turns.

  • Use your power-ups to help you clear the board rack-up points.

  • Earn real cash for winning your games.

  • Compete in one-on-one games or tournaments against multiple players.

  • Withdraw your money safely whenever you want with PayPal or Visa.

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