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Blockolot: Play and Win Real Cash

Fill the spaces to earn points and beat the competition

Blockolot is better than other free block puzzle games because you get to win real cash and prizes. You’ll have a blast as you play against people from across the US and develop your skill along the way. 

What makes this block puzzle game so special?

Blockolot takes inspiration from games like sudoku where players need to use strategy and smarts to win. Aside from the amazing gameplay, Blockolot offers you a seamless app experience. Enjoy the following perks:


  • Earn real cash for winning your games

  • Compete in one-on-one games or tournaments against multiple players

  • Withdraw your money whenever you want with PayPal, Visa, or Venmo. 

  • Experience Blockolot with no interruptions and no ads


How do you play Blockolot?

In this block puzzle game, you must place blocks of different shapes onto the game board to fill in empty spaces. Filling in rows, either horizontally or vertically, will cause the row to disappear, leaving more space for you to fill. Fill the spaces with the blocks you are given until there are no blocks left or you run out of space. You have three shapes to choose from at any time and you can rotate the shapes to get the best fit. Remember, some shapes are way bigger than others so think strategically about what you place and when. 


The game ends when the timer runs out or when you have run out of spaces to fill. The winner of the game is the player with the highest score at the end of the game. You create combos by eliminating rows in a sequence of turns. Blockolot also gives you awesome power-ups to help you clear the board and rack up points.  

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Grand Prizes For Top Players

Various Cash Match Modes

Win Real Money

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100% Secure Cash-out

Make money playing block games

Blockolot was designed so that you can compete against people from across the US in tournaments. When you enter a tournament a matching algorithm will pit you against 5 - 8 players who have a similar skill level as you. 


You can play Blockolot for free using game tickets or play for real cash for as little as $1! The top three players at the end of the tournament will get real cash and prizes. 


Download the Blockolot block puzzle game on iOS, Android, or Samsung now to start earning real cash. Hone your mind by challenging yourself and your opponents!

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Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AK, DE, ID, IA, LA, MA, MD and SC. 

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I really love playing these games! It’s definitely a stress reliever as well as exciting to be able to win real cash! Love the app and I recommend it to everyone!


If you have any questions, please contact us!

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