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16 Best Gaming Memes On The Internet Today

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Dive into the top 16 gaming memes circulating the web! From lag jokes to 'Press F,' experience the fun side of gaming culture in this quick read.

gaming memes

Gaming is not just about the adrenaline-pumping action, mind-boggling strategy, or immersive storylines; it's also about the hilarious moments, and even more so, the memes. The internet has always been a breeding ground for all things humorous, and gaming memes have found their sweet spot in the heart of it. From pixelated parodies to witty one-liners, these memes capture the essence of online gaming and the shared experiences of players worldwide. Whether it's a universal joke about that one impossible level every gamer understands or a light-hearted jab at a particular gaming glitch, these internet gems resonate deeply with those who've spent hours in front of the screen. They offer a momentary pause from the intense world of gaming, serving as reminders that, at the end of the day, it's all in good fun and shared camaraderie. Let’s delve into the most viral and amusing memes that are setting the internet a buzz today!

16 Funny Gaming Memes Everyone Is Talking About

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, humor remains constant. Capturing the quirkiest, funniest, and most relatable gaming moments, here are 16 memes about gaming that has gamers everywhere hitting the share button and coming back for more chuckles.

1. Press F to Pay Respects

Originating from the game 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare', this meme has seen adaptations everywhere. From a fun way to offer condolences on social media to a sarcastic remark, it's all in good jest.

Press F to Pay Respects

2. Lag Killed Me, Not You

Every gamer's favorite excuse! No matter how skilled your opponent might be, it's always easier to blame the dreaded lag.

Lag Killed Me, Not You

3. Mom, Just One More Game!

A universal plea! This gaming time meme mirrors every gamer's childhood (and maybe adulthood) scenario of negotiating extra gaming time.

Mom, Just One More Game

4. Among Us ‘Sus’ Moments

With the rise of Among Us came a slew of memes, but nothing beats labeling something or someone as 'sus'.

Among Us ‘Sus’ Moments

5. Loot Box Addiction

Those tantalizing virtual boxes promising rare items? Oh, the woes and wonders of hoping for that elusive drop.

Loot Box Addiction

6. The Never-Ending Game Updates

Just when you thought you could dive into your favorite game, it hits you with a 50GB update. Sigh.

The Never-Ending Game Updates

7. The Horror Game Flashlight

Why do horror games have the world's weakest flashlights? This meme highlights the absurdity of dim lights in the darkest moments.

The Horror Game Flashlight

8. Noob vs. Pro vs. Hacker vs. God

Whether it's building structures in Fortnite or pulling off impossible moves in other games, this meme captures the broad spectrum of players in any game.

Noob vs. Pro vs. Hacker vs. God

9. Gaming Chairs = Pro Skills?

Ever noticed how a fancy gaming chair is often associated with unmatched skills? This gaming chair meme chuckles at that very stereotype.

Gaming Chairs = Pro Skills?

10. AFK Players in the Worst Times

We've all been there: the crucial game moment when a team member suddenly goes AFK. Why, just why? This is very popular among mobile gaming memes.

AFK Players in the Worst Times

11. When the Non-Gamer Friend Asks About the Storyline

An innocent query, yet explaining a game's storyline feels like reciting the universe's entire history.

When the Non-Gamer Friend Asks About the Storyline

12. When You Can’t Skip the Cutscene

We’ve all been there: repeatedly pressing buttons in hopes of skipping a scene we've watched countless times before. This meme pokes fun at those moments when the game forces us to sit back, relax, and watch...again.

When You Can’t Skip the Cutscene

13. Tutorial NPCs

Those characters tell us, "Press X to jump" even though it's our 100th game and we've been jumping since the dawn of gaming. This meme gives a nod to the always-patient, forever-repeating NPCs (nonplayer characters) of tutorial worlds.

Tutorial NPCs

14. Graphics vs. Gameplay

Some memes showcase side-by-side images of visually stunning games with mediocre gameplay and vice versa, emphasizing that graphics aren't everything.

Graphics vs. Gameplay

15. Knives vs. Guns

Memes poking fun at games where, somehow, a knife stab is more lethal than multiple gunshots. It's always amusing how a close-quarters knife swipe can defeat an enemy faster than a hail of bullets, defying all sense of reality!

Knives vs. Guns

16. Gaming Posture

This gaming posture meme shows how gamers start sitting upright but end up slouched after hours, capturing the classic "from perfect to shrimp" evolution.

Gaming Posture


Gaming memes resonate with every player because they capture the quirks, frustrations, and hilarity of the gaming world. Whether you’re an avid gamer or someone who enjoys casual games online, these memes for gaming are sure to tickle your funny bone. The next time you stumble upon one, you'll not only have a chuckle but also feel that shared camaraderie that only the gaming community can truly understand. Game on and meme on!



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