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8 Ball-Strike's Explorer Cue and Other Custom Pool Cues

Grab your whip, don your fedora, and gear up for adventure with the Explorer Cue, just one of many custom pool cues up for grabs in 8 Ball Strike!

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Lying deep within the dark recesses of an ancient ruin, underneath an abandoned city built by a forgotten civilization, secure behind dozens of traps, lie untold riches in the form of real cash rewards. To get to them, though, you'll need the most powerful tool in the 8 ball pool players toolkit: the Explorer Cue, just one of many custom pool cues available in 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash! This June, nab this cue for yourself and tap the depths of untold riches by claiming the Lost Temple Bundle! With the Explorer Cue, channel the spirit of adventure with every pocketed ball and earn real cash rewards in 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash!

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Download 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash to permanently unlock this mysterious pool cue by claiming the Lost Temple Bundle from June 7th (03:00 p.m. PT) to June 21st (03:00 p.m. PT). Deposit $10 to get $10 Bonus Cash and this cue for free!

Pool Billiard Cue Design

Like the travelers of old, earn piles of real cash with the Explorer Cue, your companion to adventure! Crafted from hard maple wood, this pool billiard cue features an additional modification specifically for adventurers: an old-timey compass! Now, you'll never lose your way as you navigate the pool table, with the ultimate destination being the promised land—mounds of riches and real cash! Set off for uncharted horizons by claiming this cue for a discount while the Lost Temple Bundle is still available!

8 Ball Pool Play Online: How to Claim

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This deal is only available for two weeks, from June 7th (03:00 p.m. PT) to June 21st (03:00 p.m. PT). Unlock it in 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash by claiming the Lost Temple Bundle! Deposit $10 to earn an extra $10 Bonus Cash and get the Explorer Cue forever on top of it by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Lost Temple Bundle icon at the top of the Home tab.

  2. Tap "Claim Now" and deposit $10 into your game account using this deal.

  3. Once the deal is claimed, the Explorer Cue will permanently be added to your collection!

Unlock in Your Cue Collection

Miss the Lost Temple Bundle while traversing the jungles of a lost continent? Or are you interested in another cue for 8 ball pool play online? No need to worry, you can still claim these cues once the offer ends! To do so, follow these steps to claim the cue plus an additional $10 Bonus Cash, all by depositing just $20:

  1. Tap the Cues tab at the bottom of the screen and go to your cue collection.

  2. Select the Lost Temple Cue or another cue you're interested in, then tap "Claim Now" in the cue display.

  3. Tap "Only $20" in the Cue Deal that appears to deposit into your game account and permanently unlock the Explorer Cue!

Best Custom Pool Cues for 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash has a wide variety of the best pool cues online for all players! Check out the surfer cue and groovy cue today! If the new cues always coming out aren't enough, maybe you want to play other exciting games. Avia has an equally wide variety of skill-based real money games from other genres, all of which are free to play! With amazing cash rewards waiting to be claimed, our extensive catalog of games certainly holds your next favorite waiting to be played! Download more games today and win big!


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