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Cash Rewards Await in Bingo Clash "Piggy Payout"

Updated: May 20

Dive into our first offering for 2024 with the Bingo Clash 'Piggy Payout' event! Win cash rewards by completing tasks and filling up the progress bar.

bingo clash piggy payout

Get ready to start the year 2024 with a bang on an exciting journey to win cash rewards in Bingo Clash "Piggy Payout" event! This new event is our treat to our loyal bingo players who want to earn money by playing our bingo app. Begin the year by filling up your golden piggy bank to feel lucky throughout this year.

To win rewards in "Piggy Payout" is very simple. In this guide, we'll dive into the steps of how you can make use of this event to earn more cash bonuses.

How to win cash rewards in Bingo Clash "Piggy Payout"

If you haven't downloaded our online bingo game yet, this is your chance to start the year fresh with a generous game that will give you more rewards than any other bingo game available on the internet today. Just download Bingo Clash and get ready to join "Piggy Payout" and claim more bonus cash.

1. Look for "Piggy Payout" at the event entrance

When you enter Bingo Clash on either iOS or Samsung devices, keep an eye out for the "Piggy Payout" event. You'll find it noticeably featured on the play page and as a pop-up, inviting you to a world of rewards and excitement.

bingo clash piggy payout

2. Complete tasks and fill up the "Progress Bar"

Dive into the gameplay by completing a variety of tasks available on the event page. The number of tasks is dynamic, providing you with endless opportunities to earn bonus rewards. Each completed task not only grants you instant bonuses but also contributes to the accumulation of the coveted "Progress Bar."

At the beginning of the event, players receive a complimentary initial amount of $0.4 to kickstart their Piggy Payout journey. As you continue completing tasks, watch your Progress Bar grow, fueled by the rewards you earn along the way.

3. Receive rewards

The real excitement begins when you reach specific milestones on the Progress Bar. Players can only claim bonus rewards associated with Progress Bar nodes, and the minimum withdrawal threshold is set at the amount of the first Progress Bar node. For instance, if the initial node is $2, players can only withdraw once they have accumulated at least $2.

It's crucial to note that you only have one chance to claim your bonus cash during the event. Once claimed, the event concludes, and any unclaimed bonuses become invalid. If, however, you choose not to withdraw the bonus immediately, rest assured that it will automatically be added to your account at the event's conclusion.

4. Game Remarks

As you navigate the "Piggy Payout" event, here are a few important remarks to keep in mind:

  • If you initiate a withdrawal while the event is ongoing and the bonus remains unclaimed, you can continue completing tasks to accumulate the Progress Bar, but claiming the bonus is temporarily restricted.

  • Should you decide to cancel a withdrawal, bonus claiming becomes possible again.

  • If a withdrawal is successful, you'll receive a prompt to complete a specified deposit amount before you can claim the bonus.


In conclusion, the "Piggy Payout" event in Bingo Clash offers an exciting chance for you to start the year 2024 with abundant exclusive rewards. Whether you're a seasoned bingo player or just want to try it out, this event promises more cash bonuses waiting to be claimed.

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out – download the best bingo app on the internet today and win cash rewards to kickstart your luck this 2024!



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