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Celebrate Halloween with AviaGames and Win Big Money!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Join AviaGames this Halloween! Participate in month-long game events on select apps and win big money from special rewards and cash jackpots.

win big money

Ah, Halloween – a season of thrills, chills, and... money-making opportunities? That's right! This year, AviaGames is making sure that your Halloween isn't just filled with candy corn and carved pumpkins but also with chances to earn big bucks! Dive into a world of fun-filled Halloween events at AviaGames and stand a chance to win big money.

The game events will be available month-long in selected Avia apps. These apps will be Bingo Tour, Bubble Buzz, Blockolot, and Solitaire Clash. Players can expect a frenzy of big winnings with just a few taps on their mobile devices. What are you waiting for? Download your favorite bingo app, bubble burst game, block puzzle game, and the free solitaire app now!

Play Halloween Events at AviaGames To Win Big Money

AviaGames offers a month-long opportunity to grab big wins from selected game apps. These events are divided into 4 bonus game events that will run from the 11th of October to the 9th of November. There will also be 2 more mini games called Candy Grab and Halloween Trivia.

In addition to these mini games, there will be a bonus reward surprise called " Halloween Candy Corner" wherein all of the candies collected from the Halloween events will be exchanged for some Halloween goodies with equivalent bonus cash and gem rewards.

In-App Halloween Mini Games

AviaGames made sure that you are getting your Halloween treats this upcoming spooky season. Here are the 6 Halloween mini games you should watch out for in this month-long Halloween celebration.

1. Bounty Bash

Bounty Bash is a simple slot machine game where you randomly get prizes from colored balls. This game has some interesting Halloween items as rewards like candies, coffin keys, and of course, cash rewards. The coffin keys will let you open a coffin with surprise rewards like a witch cauldron, broom, witch hat, and many other spooky items. Once you collect the minimum required number for each of these items, you will get a certain amount of cash reward. This Halloween game event can be played from October 11 to October 17.

2. Dice Cruise

Roll the dice and land on random Halloween prizes with Dice Cruise. Players will spend the in-game item called "gas" to roll the dice. Get a chance to win cash bonuses, candies, or a random reward if you land on a question mark grid. Aim to collect the items that will trigger the "Bonus Bank" to collect expensive items like crowns, rings, and gold bars in exchange for big cash rewards. This dice game will be available from October 18 to October 24.

3. Sweet Blast

Halloween won't be complete without the taste of the sweet delicious treats we have prepared for you. Take a bite in our Sweet Blast game where you randomly get sweet cupcakes with corresponding cash, candies, and gems as rewards. Collect all games required and you will get an additional bonus. Aim to trigger the bonus game for a chance to get jackpots ranging from $5 to $80. This game will be available from October 25 to October 31.

4. Net Fishing

Dive into an underwater world where you aim to catch a kaleidoscope of spooky fish using nets fired from cannons. Every catch promises exciting rewards like candies, cash, and other Halloween items. Some fish might be hard to get, but with a powerful cannon upgrade, they won't stand a chance. Every fish you catch translates to cash bonuses. Rare fish offer bigger rewards. So, set your sights on the biggest catch, and don't miss out on casting your net! This fishing game event will be available from November 1 to November 7.

5. Candy Grab

Catch them if you can! Kickstart your Halloween celebrations with the Candy Grab activity on the first day of Halloween events at AviaGames. Whenever you fulfill certain trigger conditions, the Candy Grab will pop up, prompting players to click on "TAP TO START". Your objective? Click on the falling candies. Collect them by crushing the candies as they fall. The number of which will be displayed on your screen. Remember, the more matches you play during the Halloween events, the more items you can collect from the Candy Grab. So keep playing and keep grabbing! After collecting your hard-earned candies, head over to the Candy Corner to check your loot.

6. Halloween Trivia

How well do you know Halloween? On the inaugural day of Halloween events, head over to the Rewards Page to initiate the Halloween Trivia! Have more chances to get big earnings by answering Halloween trivia questions. Daily logins during the Halloween event guarantee you a pop-up of the Halloween Trivia. Answer the questions correctly and bag 100 pumpkin candies. Didn't get it right? No worries. You still get 20 pumpkin candies.

Halloween Candy Corner - Sweet Rewards Exchange

Winning big money is made more achievable here at AviaGames. All of the candies collected from the mentioned Halloween mini game events can be exchanged for more rewards in the Halloween Candy Corner. You can find this on your app's rewards dashboard. After all, candy isn’t just for eating. At AviaGames, the new event token, 'candy', is your key to winning big money via Candy Corner and its treasures.

Event Entrance

  • Lobby Page: When live, locate the event on the Lobby page.

  • Rewards Page: Similarly, you can find it on the Rewards page.

Keep an eye on the countdown on the details page – it indicates when the offers will refresh.

Exchange Your Loot

  • Candy Corner houses 7 candy boxes, each with its equivalent price. Clicking the exclamation mark reveals product details.

  • Cashbacks, scratchers, vouchers, and bonus games with water drops and golden egg items are up for grabs.

  • Want more pumpkin candy? Click on the plus sign. This lets you swap gems for Halloween candy (maximum thrice daily) at a rate of 1200 gems for 1200 candies.

  • Running low on gems? You'll get a prompt: "Not Enough Gems", which will also showcase a deposit package.

  • Deposit package values are adjusted according to your past deposits. Post-Halloween, you can trade candies for gems at a 1:1 ratio.


AviaGames is offering an immersive Halloween experience this year, transforming the spooky season into a money-making opportunity for its players. Through a series of month-long game events, including Bounty Bash, Dice Cruise, Sweet Blast, Net Fishing, Candy Grab, and Halloween Trivia, players are up to a big win for more bonus cash from Halloween-themed items. These games are accessible through selected Avia game apps like Bingo Tour, Bubble Buzz, Blockolot, and Solitaire Clash. Additionally, AviaGames has introduced the "Halloween Candy Corner," a bonus reward system where players can exchange collected candies for cash rewards, gems, and various other goodies. This rewards exchange system boosts the potential for players to win big money. All in all, AviaGames ensures a Halloween filled not just with spooky fun but also lucrative opportunities for its players.



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