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Game of Dice Has Returned!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Dice Cruise is coming back to AviaGames in a limited-time offer! The return of this game of dice adds excitement to your favorite online bingo and online solitaire games! Get ready for a voyage of fortune and excitement as each roll of the dice uncovers a new reward, making each moment in this mini game surprising.

game of dice

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to earn big prizes. You can dive into Dice Cruise via the Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash game apps. If you haven't installed these apps on your device yet, don't wait any longer! Dice Cruise integrates elements of Monopoly and a game of chance, providing a rewarding gaming experience. Roll the dice and claim amazing prizes as you progress. Keep reading to find out how to play these dice games.

How to Play Our Game of Dice?

The rules and mechanics of Dice Cruise are simple and easy to grasp. Get set to roll the dice, take a chance, and unlock rewards in this thrilling bonus game!

  1. Start by opening either the Bingo Tour or Solitaire Clash apps (Dice Cruise is exclusive to these applications).

  1. Click the Dice Cruise mini game. You can play by either depositing or playing cash games to get gas.

  2. Choose from 4 vibrant maps: Popsicle Shop, Juice Shop, Cookie Shop, and Gummy Shop. Each map embraces a sweet and candy theme, but the central gameplay and rules remain the same across all the maps.

  3. Use gas to roll the dice. The number displayed upon the final tumble of the dice dictates the number of steps you advance.

  4. Up for grabs are gems and bonus cash. There's also a chance to participate in a bonus game like "Iceberg Miner" where you can dig up random cash rewards.

  5. The beauty of Dice Cruise? There's no losing! You're guaranteed to earn either gems or bonus cash with every game.

  6. If you happen to land on a question mark, you're in for a surprise! This will give you a random prize with a higher value.

  7. Running out of gas? No problem! You can replenish your gas by watching ads and continuing to play dice games.

Available Now For A Limited Time!

Dice Cruise is already available. Don't let this chance to join this electrifying game slip away. Gather your friends and family to download our apps and enjoy this light-hearted game of dice. May fortune favor your rolls and land you impressive cash bonuses! Get the Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash game apps today to jump aboard Dice Cruise, the new sensation in the world of dice gaming!


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