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Google Play Store Will Allow More Games To Win Real Money

Updated: May 20

Google is set to allow more games to win real money on the Play Store. Stay updated about their recent announcement and policy updates to discover opportunities.

games to win real money

Attention, gamers! Get ready to level up your gaming experience as Google takes a huge leap to enhance support for real money games (RMG). They will allow more games to win real money on the Google Play Store by June 2024. This move signifies Google's commitment to keeping up with the dynamic gaming industry while staying in sync with local regulations.

Exciting times lie ahead for us at Avia and for you as our players. This is now our chance to publish our games to a wider audience. We are excited to share the news and invite you to stay with us on this journey.

Policy Update Welcomes More Games to Win Real Money

For those who missed the memo, Google initially dipped its toes into real money gaming on the Play Store in 2021, with some games introduced first in India. As a start for Google, they did not allow diverse categories of games that pay real money. Rummy and fantasy sports games were the only ones introduced because of their popularity.

This time, Google had made some policy updates to expand support for a broader spectrum of game apps that pay real money, going beyond the types of just Rummy and fantasy sports. Unlike Google's previous stance, the updated policy will have some important changes in their previous regulations. This means more diverse games like pool games, bubble shooter games, matching card games, block puzzle games, and many more will be introduced.

This opens up opportunities for legal, yet unregistered, money making games to be finally published on the Play Store. Moreover, they also covered announcing updates about their service fee model, age limit, and geo-restrictions.

Service Fee

They will also broaden their support by rethinking their service fee model for subscriptions and in-app purchases. While the specific details are yet to be revealed, Google assures a collaborative approach with developers to make sure that they provide reasonable and affordable subscriptions for all its players.

This is very important, since in the world of real cash games, our top priority is to provide more chances for our players to win and earn money. By making fees reasonable among players and developers, there's just the right balance between parties. Developers earn to create more games and opportunities, while players earn to keep playing and exploring the games.

Age Limit and Geo-Restrictions

We have always been true to our age and geo policies. Avia implements age requirements across all our apps. We also emphasize specific US states where legit cash games are not allowed. Our company has always been transparent to our players and we are ready for whatever Google will implement.

As Google sets the stage for this gaming revolution, it emphasizes user-centric policies, including age limits and geo-restrictions, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gaming environment. While it is important to cater diverse audience, it is still required that only people of legal age can play these games. It involves money so there's no way kids and the underaged can play and access these games.

Stay tuned for more detailed policies set to be released by Google in the coming months.


Google's expanded support for games you can win real money is a game-changer, promising an exciting journey into uncharted gaming territories. This move will surely open doors for you players, since more games to win real money will be published by June 2024. Google is committed to adapting to industry trends by updating its policies and ensuring a compliant gaming experience.

As the gaming landscape evolves, expect more opportunities and exciting developments like never before. Stay tuned for updates here at Avia as we dive into the future of real money gaming on the Google Play Store!


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