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How to play Pocket7Games on Android?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Being able to play games on the go is one of the best aspects of having a smartphone or tablet. These devices have really revolutionized the way that information is distributed and games are played. Almost anyone can be connected at any moment over the internet. Pocket7Games, an app released by AviaGames, is a fantastic example of what can be accomplished with a smartphone game. The app features multiple games that utilize skill-based matchmaking with players all across the United States. So how can players get their hands on this awesome app and start winning real cash prizes?

Downloading Pocket7Games on Android

Fans of skill-based gaming will love how easy it is to download Pocket7Games on their device. The app can be installed on almost any device including smartphones and tablets and is available for Android as well as iOS. For Android devices, there are a few different methods that players can use to get Pocket7Games. Each method is only slightly different depending on the model of the device being used. Simply follow the steps below to get started in Pocket7Games today!

Downloading Pocket7Games on a Samsung Galaxy device

  • Gamers should first head to the Samsung Galaxy Store or they can download the app from the official Pocket7Games website

  • Search for Pocket7Games in the Samsung Galaxy Store

  • Begin downloading the game and install it to the device

  • Launch the app and complete the initial setup process

  • Start winning real cash from playing fun games

Downloading Pocket7Games on all other Android devices

What makes playing Pocket7Games on Android unique?

One of the best things about playing Pocket7Games on Android is that it can be played on numerous devices. Not only can players pick up the app on their smartphones and tablets, but they can use other Android devices to play as well. This includes any Android device that can download APKs, including Chromebooks. This means no matter if a player is at home, or on the go, they can pick up and play a quick game of Pocket7Games wherever they are.

What is included in Pocket7Games?

There is certainly a lot for players to do in Pocket7Games. The app features numerous games where players are able to participate in skill-based matches with others from across the United States. In fact, there are 13 different games that players can choose from. These include classics such as blackjack, solitaire and even a bubble popping game called Bubble Buzz. Players will pick a game and then go head-to-head against individual players or groups of between 5 to 10 total players in order to win cash prizes.

In addition to the fantastic assortment of apps that Pocket7Games offers, there are other ways for players to have fun and win real money in the process. These include features such as minigames where there are scratch-off tickets as well as a wheel that players can spin and win the selected prize. With so many ways to win, some players may be wondering “How can gamers earn the biggest cash payouts in Pocket7Games?”

Winning real cash in Pocket7Games

The feeling of excitement that players get when they win in a game is amazing. But being able to win real cash on top of it makes it even better. This is the reality for players of Pocket7Games. Each time the player wins a 1 v 1 match or places in the top 3 of a tournament, they will win real cash prizes. The best way for players to win the top amounts of cash is to play in the tournaments with more players. Though the competition will be more intense, they will also be competing for more money, so the payout will be worth it.

Skill-based gameplay in Pocket7Games

In order to win cash, players compete in skill-based tournaments. But what exactly does this mean for players? To answer the question, this means that AviaGames’ carefully constructed matchmaking system puts players of a similar skill level inside of matches with one another. This helps not only to keep things fun and fair, but keeps matchmaking feeling much more balanced. No matter if a player is a pro or just starting out, they will be able to find a game and play with others of a similar skill level which allows for more wins - and more cash.

In addition, players will receive in-game currency simply from logging in to play each day. This in-game currency can be spent to enter into tournaments and earn some additional practice. The in-game currency is free for players and can even be spent to enter real money tournaments, making Pocket7Games truly the best choice for winning cash on Android.

Cashing out in Pocket7Games

Once players have earned enough cash from winning in Pocket7Games, they will want to be able to cash out their winnings. The process of withdrawing money is very easy in Pocket7Games and can be completed in a few steps. Follow the steps below in order to withdraw from the app.

First, players should head to the main menu and select the Withdraw option. Once this option has been selected, players will need to verify their personal information. This must be completed in order to make sure the player’s money is safeguarded properly. Once the player’s identity has been verified, they will then be able to proceed to the next stage, which is selecting the amount they wish to withdraw. At this screen, players will see the amount they have available to withdraw and then they must simply select how much they want to take out. After selecting the amount, players can then choose a secure payment method to receive their funds.

Payment is secure in Pocket7Games

After picking the amount they wish to withdraw, the money will be deposited into the chosen account the player has selected. This can be done by using many different methods of payment processing. All of the most popular methods are available, including PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Visa. These methods offer players a 100% secure way to move their money from Pocket7Games into their own accounts.

Download Pocket7Games and start winning real cash today

Having fun and winning real money on an Android device is only a few taps away with Pocket7Games. All players need to do to get started is head on over to the Samsung Galaxy Store for Galaxy devices or download the app from the official website. Once they do this, they will be well on their way to winning real cash just from playing their favorite skill-based games.

Download Pocket7Games today and see just how fun and easy earning real cash on an Android smartphone can be!



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