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How to Play Pool: Beginner's Guide?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Learn how to play pool games online. This beginner's guide will help you master every shot in this modern take on traditional 8 ball pool games.

how to play pool

Playing online pool games, commonly referred to as billiards, is a popular pastime enjoyed by many around the world. Whether it's an old-school billiards parlor or an online game, the thrill of lining up that perfect shot and sinking the balls into the pockets gives the same level of satisfaction among its players. In this blog, we'll start by discussing the modern digital take on the game with our 8 ball pool app. We will be teaching you how to play pool from our gaming platform. We will also talk about the potential rewards you can earn from it. Playing billiards has never been this exciting before, so let's dive in.

How To Play Pool For Beginners?

Our game, "8 Ball Strike", has made the classic game accessible to a broader audience. In this digital age, we find comfort in playing traditional games without having to move from where we are seated. We seek to have fun during our free time by playing these games online. We are here to give you the best pool game experience you can only find in our app. By following these steps, you cannot only find fun in these games. You will also get the chance to win some real rewards that other games do not have. Here's how to play 8 ball pool in our game app:

1. Download 8 Ball Strike

Many websites and apps offer pool games online. Some are free to play, while others might require a small fee or in-app purchases. Here at 8 Ball Strike, you can absolutely play free pool games. Free tickets are provided to get started the you can start playing right away.

2. Understand Your Goal

Just like in a traditional pool, your goal is to pocket your group of balls. A virtual cue stick is used to aim and shoot. You can control the stick by touching it on your mobile device just like any other game control.

3. Aim and Control

In this pool game, set your direction by tapping or dragging the cue stick. Control the force of your shot by pulling it. The more you pull back, the more powerful the force will be. So, be careful when you estimate the power needed to shoot the ball into the pockets.

4. Spin and Angle

Incorporating spin into your shots is critical, especially to prevent shooting the white cue ball. Mastering the art of using the back, side, or topspin ensures not just pocketing balls but also keeping the position of the white ball to your advantage.

5. Estimate Force

The force you apply when striking the pool ball is the deal-breaker. Striking with excessive force can cause erratic ball movement or even pot the white ball, while a gentle hit might result in missed opportunities. So, make sure that you master the art of estimating your force to secure your win.

6. Score and Win

Each pocket and ball in the game carries its own unique bonus. Strategize your shots meticulously to maximize your score. When you win a match, you also get the chance to win cash rewards depending on match levels. Higher rewards can be found in tournaments with more opponents. Some of the rewards you win include tickets, bonus cash, gems, power-ups, and other items unique to the game. Explore the rest of the game to learn more about the different matches and what suits you the best. Continue to collect free tickets for unlimited free pool games all day!

7. Withdraw Your Winnings

The cash rewards you earn from our 8 ball pool app can be withdrawn using any legitimate payment platform. Some of the trusted payment platforms we have are PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and Visa. Withdrawing the fruit of your hard work is also very easy and convenient. This is proof that we are committed to being a trustworthy gaming platform for pool games online.


The appeal of online pool games, whether nestled in a classic billiards hall or brought to life digitally, remains timeless. Our "8 Ball Strike" app successfully merges the traditional with the contemporary, offering not just the joy of the game but also tangible rewards. Learning how to play pool using our app is surely worthy of anyone's time. With its user-friendly features, an abundance of bonuses, and a straightforward withdrawal system, it stands out as a premium gaming platform in the realm of online billiards. So, if you're seeking the adrenaline rush of lining up the perfect shot or strategizing your next move, all while enjoying the potential of real rewards, our pool game app is your perfect match. Dive into the world of "8 Ball Strike" and experience playing billiards like never before.


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