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Play Plinko Game at Avia to Win Money

Updated: May 20

Dive into the Plinko game event at Avia, play to win real money in thrilling mini-games, and elevate your gaming experience! Join the fun now!

plinko game

Are you ready to turn your gaming sessions into a cash-winning adventure? We are thrilled to introduce the "Plinko Drop" event, bringing the classic Plinko game to the best mobile games on the internet today. Download Avia apps: Bingo Tour, Solitaire Clash, Bubble Buzz, and Blockolot. Get ready for a gaming frenzy from January 3 to January 10!

How to Play Plinko Game at Avia

Embark on a gaming journey like never before with the Plinko "Cash Drop" event at Avia! Are you curious about how to dive into excitement and start winning real money? Let's unveil the secrets of participating in the Plinko online game and discover the thrill awaiting you at every click!

1. Game Entrance

Imagine the anticipation as you enter the world of our Plinko machine! Three entry points await you - check the Rewards tab, explore the Lobby tab, or keep an eye out for the event pop-up window. The stage is set for an epic gaming experience.

2. Gameplay Overview

Exchange your in-game "Stars" for Plinko balls. Click anywhere on the screen to release the ball, watching it drop on a mesmerizing, unpredictable journey on a Plinko board, collecting rewards along the way.

3. Play Mini Games

Each dropped Plinko ball contributes to unlocking thrilling slot mini games, adding an extra layer of excitement to your Plinko casino adventure. Here are the 4 mini games you can play:

play mini games

Slot Spin

  • Upon filling up the progress bar for each drop, you get five consecutive spins on a spinning wheel just above the Plinko board.

  • Win by landing three identical icons.

  • You can win bonus credits and extra balls to keep the excitement rolling.

slot spin

Star Scratcher

  • Star Scratcher is a mini game with fast scratch mode for an instant revelation for prizes.

  • Win numbers, and claim corresponding bonus credits or dazzling gems, making each scratch a potential jackpot.

star scratcher

High Striker

  • Click, strike, and feast in excitement.

  • Receive rewards based on the color-coded level of cash prizes, with the red bar offering the highest prize value.

high striker

Prize Picker

  • Three gift boxes reveal their corresponding prize and then shuffled quickly for some extra challenge. Be sure to remember which of the boxes has the most money. After the shuffle, choose wisely and unveil your reward from one of three mysterious boxes.

prize picker

4. Obtaining Items

Fuel the excitement by collecting "Stars", the event's in-game currency. Here's how you can obtain the stars.

  • Participate in cash games adorned with the "Star" icon.

  • Unlock stars through exclusive deposit offers.

  • Watch ads for extra fun and a chance to gain rewards for random items.

5. Checking Rewards

The cherry on top - checking your rewards! Bonus credits, gems, and additional balls contribute to your ever-growing balance, making each round a potential win. Here's a guide to checking your rewards with the subject name on it.




Items obtain

Watch Ads

Players getting Stars by watching Ads

Event Reward

The Stars given to players

Match Reward

Players getting Stars from cash game

Deposit Gift

Players getting Stars from cash game

Items consume

Plinko Drop

Stars spending for the event

Items exchange

Star Exchange

Bonus Gems exchanged from Stars after the event finished

Basic rewards

Cash Drop Rewards

Gems Prize from basic rewards (Bonus and Gems, not including minigame rewards)

Minigame rewards

Slot Spin Rewards

Slot Spin Bonus Prize from Slot Spin

Star Scratcher Rewards

Star Scratcher Bonus Gems Prize from Star Scratcher

High Striker Rewards

High Striker Bonus Gems Prize from High Striker

Prize Picker Rewards

Prize Picker Bonus Gems Prize from Prize Picker


Ready to elevate your gaming experience? Plinko "Cash Drop" at Avia is your ticket to an unforgettable adventure filled with excitement, surprises, and the chance to win real money! Don't miss out on the action from January 3 to January 10 - let the online Plinko madness begin!

Embrace the thrill, dive into the Plinko game, and who knows, you might be the next big winner. Are you ready to play and win? Download Avia's best free mobile games today and let the cash drop into your hands!



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