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Spin to Win in Pocket7Games' 'Spin-O-RAMA'

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Elevate your gaming fun and earnings with Spin-O-RAMA! Spin to win in P7's event, spin in cash matches, and win prizes.

spin to win

Step into the realm of fun and profit as we unveil an amazing experience for everyone – Spin-O-RAMA! From December 13th to December 18th, our cherished players who have been part of the P7 community for over 7 days will get the chance to spin to win amazing cash prizes on top of your base earnings. Just download our P7 money game app and play the game event.

Learn how to join this generous game event. Read all the details in this blog to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity.

How to Spin to Win in 'Spin-O-RAMA'

Spin and win in 'Spin-O-RAMA' will give you more reasons to keep on playing our games. For every cash match you join, you can spin more to enjoy amazing cash rewards and jackpots. Here's all the information you need to get started on the event.


1. Game Entrance

Players can access Spin-O-RAMA through the play page or a pop-up. The event page is where all players have access to the event details.

2. Event Page

The collective participation in all Spin matches, irrespective of the outcome, contributes to a player's progress. The number of games increases by 1 every time a player enters a Spin match.

Spin Prizes

Players accumulate normal Spin rewards and super Spin rewards. Even in the case of an unpaired, drawn, or refunded match, players still receive Spin rewards. Winning announcements showcase the top 3 players with the highest winnings within the past 3 hours, with records displayed based on the latest times.


The top 200 players winning Spin rewards are showcased in real-time, sorted by winning amounts from high to low. The leaderboard exclusively highlights bonus rewards earned through the player's Spin participation, offering no additional rewards.

3. Match Gear

Players engage in Spin matches with a Progress Bar indicating the number of times a gear supports Spin. The ultimate goal is to trigger the Super Spin by participating in the same gear a specific number of times. The gameplay varies based on the player's Bingo activity in the past 7 days. All games are cash gears, and the options include Bingo, Solitaire, 21 Gold, and Tile Blitz. No limits are set on the number of times a player can participate in the match gear.

1V1 Mode

Players can choose 1v1 mode to shake out 1 Spin or 1v3 mode to shake out 3 Spin rewards. Playing 5 matches triggers a Super Spin. If a Super Spin is achieved, players are restricted to the current mode.

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer matches, there is only one Spin reward at a time with no multiple modes.

4. How to Check

To check cash bonuses received, players can review prize pool rewards for participating in cash matches and normal/super Spin rewards from Spin matches. The subject name for rewards includes "Spin Event Prize" for normal Spin rewards and "Super Spin Prize" for super Spin rewards.


In conclusion, the Spin-O-RAMA event offers P7 community members an exciting chance to boost both fun and earnings from December 13th to December 18th. By participating in Spin matches through the P7 money game app, players can spin to win more cash rewards and jackpots on top of their base earnings. The event features various cash gears, including Bingo, Solitaire, 21 Gold, and Tile Blitz, with a Progress Bar indicating progress toward the coveted Super Spin.

Leaderboards and real-time updates add a competitive edge, and players can easily track their rewards. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to enhance your gaming experience and compete for cash prizes. Download our money game app and join Spin-O-RAMA!



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