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Win Big Christmas Bonus at Avia!

Updated: May 20

Dive into joy at Avia! Unwrap big wins with our Christmas Bonus Extravaganza across exciting games. Play, win, and celebrate the festive season!

Win Christmas Bonus

How's your holidays so far? Christmas already passed and you might be thinking that the surprises are already over for this year. Not here at Avia because we have prepared a couple of Christmas bonus events to help you double your earnings up until the new year!

Get ready to enjoy the holiday treats we have across our free casino games, namely: Bingo Tour, Bubble Buzz, Blockolot, and Solitaire Clash. End your year with festive game events full of bonuses, trivia, and some fantastic holiday goodies!

Win Christmas Bonus with Avia's Fun Christmas Events

As you welcome the year 2024, we will give everyone the chance to kick off the year by winning big cash rewards. You can start the next year by feeling happy as you double your earnings by playing these holiday events. Let's get to know each one of them and start playing right after!

1. Christmas Gift Grab

To begin the festive celebration, the magic of Christmas unfolds with our enchanting event – the Gift Grab! Once you step into our winter wonderland, the Gift Grab will automatically whisk you away into a world of holiday delights. Get ready for a jolly time filled with surprises and treats!

Keep an eye out for the delightful pop-up that signals your chance to join the fun. Simply click "START" to dive into the sweet world of baubles and cookies! Click on the falling baubles with glee, and watch as they burst into a shower of cookies. Each cookie brings with it the joy of a special reward!

Throughout this event, the Gift Grab will surprise you at unexpected moments, showering you with random rewards. The more baubles you crush, the merrier your holiday season will become! You can play this event until January 4th.

2. Christmas Trivia

Every day is a chance to embrace the spirit of Christmas with our daily trivia challenge. Log in, head to the Rewards Page and let the Q&A begin! The quiz will automatically pop up, bringing cheer and a chance to earn cookies. Answering correctly will give you 100 cookies! But fear not, even if you got it wrong, a festive consolation of 20 cookies awaits. It's still a win-win.

Seize the moment! You get one quiz opportunity per day until the stroke of midnight PT. Once you've triumphed in the quiz for the day, the snowman in the upper right corner beckons with a friendly reminder: "Come back tomorrow for more Christmas Trivia!" This event will only be available until January 2nd.

3. Christmas Corner

Simultaneous with the two events already mentioned above, the Christmas Corner is found on the Rewards page and the Lobby page. On the Rewards page, you'll find a countdown on the left side that refreshes daily. Each product can only be redeemed once a day, and after redemption, an empty box will appear. Products refresh every day at 0 a.m. PT, changing their price, location, and content. Redeemed products renew after each refresh. On the right side, you can see your current cookie quantity.

To exchange gems for cookies, go to the Christmas Corner with 7 gift boxes. Click the exclamation mark above a box to see the product details, including the name and items included. You may receive cashback, scratchers, vouchers, or participate in a bonus game to get water drops and golden egg items, which can be exchanged for bonus cash.

To exchange gems for cookies, click the plus sign next to the cookie quantity on the right side. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to exchange gems for cookies up to 5 times a day at a rate of 800 gems for 800 cookies. If you lack gems, a prompt will appear along with a deposit package. The pop-up window shows the daily redemption limit, and when you reach it, the window won't appear. Clicking the plus sign without redemption opportunities will display a deposit package.

The value of the deposit package is adjusted based on your historical deposit amount. After the Christmas event, you can exchange cookies for gems at a 1:1 ratio. Christmas Corner is only available until January 4th.

4. Sweet Blast

Lastly, dive into the magic of our jolly treats game, where you can savor the taste of delightful Christmas cookies, each hiding special surprises like bonus cash, Christmas ornaments, and sparkling gems. Gather all the required treats, and you'll unwrap an extra special bonus just in time for the holidays.

Try your luck and you might just land yourself a Christmas jackpot ranging from $5 to $80. This joyful game will be spreading holiday cheer until January 2nd. Happy gaming, and may your holidays be filled with sweet surprises!


Avia extends the festive season with a series of Christmas bonus events across our online casino games, offering players the chance to double their earnings until the new year. The lineup includes the enchanting Gift Grab, the holiday trivia challenge, the rewarding Christmas Corner, and the delightful Sweet Blast game. These events feature surprises, cash rewards, and festive treats, ensuring a joyful holiday experience for players until January 4th. Happy gaming and may your holidays be filled with sweet surprises!



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