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Win Bingo Bonus With Sphinx's Fortune

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Uncover treasures in ancient Egypt and win a bingo bonus in an exciting bingo with a twist game, Sphinx's Fortune! Download the Bingo Clash app now to play!

bingo bonus with sphinx's fortune

Are you up for a bingo with a twist? We introduce to you, the Sphinx's Fortune! This is your classic bingo game with an exciting Egyptian-themed twist. Imagine unveiling treasures, just like archaeologists do, but from the comfort of your home, and with each discovery, you increase your chances of winning a bingo bonus! The bonus bingo game is available in the Bingo Clash app starting October 2nd. Download the best bingo app now and explore bonus prizes. Dive in as we uncover how to maximize your winnings with Sphinx's Fortune.

How to Play Bingo Bonus With Sphinx's Fortune?

To win more online bingo bonuses via the bingo fortune game in Bingo Clash, follow these simple and easy steps to make the most out of your gameplay.

1. Choose Sphinx's Fortune mode

Once the Bingo game opens, players can click on the Sphinx's Fortune mode to play the game. You can join the game for as low as $1.99 entry fee with a prize of $49.99.

2. Reveal the treasures

The Sphinx is displayed in the middle of the grid. Whenever a player selects a number and uncovers a bingo treasure beneath it, they earn either bonus cash or ticket rewards. Once revealed, the treasure's reward value stays visible on the grid until the game's conclusion. Players can claim the treasure's equivalent prize after they willingly submit their score, whether they win or lose the game.

3. Align numbers to hit the jackpot

If all the treasures align in a straight line, players have hit a jackpot! There's no need to announce Bingo. Players will receive all the rewards. Regardless of the game's outcome, submitting the score can guarantee players their well-deserved treasure rewards.

4. Claim your rewards

Once the match wraps up, the settlement page showcases the bingo bonuses and tickets players have acquired from the bingo treasure.

  • For Players and Agents: The rewards secured from the main Bingo games will appear as "Game Prize".

  • For Players and Agents: The bonuses earned from the treasures are displayed under "Bingo of Treasure".

Game Remarks

The following remarks should be taken into account when playing Sphinx's Fortune in the Bingo Clash app.

  • The Sphinx's Fortune gameplay facilitates 1V1 and multiplayer matches. However, it doesn't support "1VMany", "spin", or challenger matches.

  • Players should note that this is a manual bingo game.

  • Rewards are only credited after the game is fully completed. If, for any reason, the game is halted or exited, players can resume. However, if resumption occurs after an hour or is done more than thrice, the rewards are forfeited.

  • Proactive players who submit their results instantly get their rewards based on the present reward conditions.

  • The Sphinx's Fortune can coexist harmoniously with games like Scratch 'n Bingo, Scratch 'n Bingo Deluxe, and Bingo of Oz.

  • This gameplay has an edge when it comes to privacy. It doesn't generate any screen recordings.


The Sphinx's Fortune brings a unique twist to the traditional Bingo game, allowing players to immerse in ancient Egyptian artifacts while enjoying their favorite pastime. With treasured bingo bonus and multiple ways to win, it not only intensifies the game but also elevates the potential rewards. What are you waiting for? Download the best bingo cash app now. Dive in, click those numbers, uncover the treasures, and may the bingo fortune of the Sphinx be with you!



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