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Play Pocket7Games: All-In-One Real Money Games App

Discover the ultimate real money games app. From classic cards to mind-bending puzzles, this app offers it all. Turn your playtime into payday time!

real money games app

Are you looking for a way to transform your pastime into exciting cash rewards? Look no further than Pocket7Games, the ultimate real money games app that promises a delightful blend of fun and the chance to pocket some serious cash. Your favorite games are now accessible inside one app. Choose from classic card games like Solitaire, brain games like 2048 and Word Search, online sports games like Pool Clash and Dunk Shot, fast-paced games like Match N Flip, and many more. Whether you're a seasoned card shark, a puzzle enthusiast, a strategic mastermind, or a sports fan, Pocket7Games has you covered with a variety of games that pay real money and will keep you hooked and winning!

Play P7 Real Money Games App

Inside the Pocket7Games app, you are not just getting one type of game; you will be playing a dozen games. We have categorized the games to help you choose which games to play according to your liking. You can pick games you already mastered or the games you find interesting. On top of that, monetary rewards await for every win you make. Explore these real cash games now and snatch that first place!

1. The Card Classics

The card classics are timeless games that have been entertaining players for generations. These games are marked by their reliance on decks of cards and involve strategy, skill, and a touch of luck. Here are the card classics you can play in the app:

2. Solitaire

In this card game, your task is to sort a 52-card deck into 4 suits in ascending order. You start with stacks of cards setup and then you move the cards from the stack to a 7-column tableau. The goal is to arrange the suits starting with an Ace. You compete against others and race against the clock to achieve the highest score. Speed and clearing the card stockpile earn you more points. The game ends when you've sorted all the cards. It's a challenging online solitaire game where you aim to be the fastest and score big.

3. 21 Gold

21 Gold is a free online blackjack card game where you're presented with four empty lanes. Each lane has to reach a total value of 21 by placing cards from the deck. Your objective is to strategically place cards in each lane to clear them by reaching a total of 21 but be careful not to exceed 21, as that would burst the lane. Plan your moves carefully to avoid getting three strikes, as three strikes result in the game ending. It's a game that challenges your card placement and strategic skills.

Brain-teasing Puzzles

If you love to tease your brain with intriguing challenges, our brain puzzles are perfect for you! These games will require focus, logical thinking, and pattern recognition. Here are some of the exciting online puzzle games you can play:

4. Tile Blitz

Tile Blitz is a colorful tile matching game similar to Tetris. You need to fit different tile shapes on the game board strategically. Unlike Tetris, you can plan your moves in advance to complete rows and columns efficiently. Be quick, as there's a 3-minute time limit. You can play against others and win prizes. Clearing multiple rows at once or achieving row sequences earns you bonus points. It's a fun and strategic twist on Tetris.

5. Fruit Frenzy

Dive into a vibrant fruit-filled world in this fruit matching game. You'll be presented with various fruits in a grid format, and your challenge is to match them within two minutes. Find the specified fruit at the top of the screen and match it with the grid, using less than three straight lines and without overlapping other fruits. Matching fruits earns you bonus powers to clear more fruit. Beat the timer, clear the board, and outscore your opponent to win the match. It's a test of your matching skills in a fruity environment.

6. Explodocube

Explodocube is a cube color matching game where you aim to clear cubes by tapping on two or more of the same color. Follow the given goal to clear a specific number of cube colors. As you play, you can create special power-ups by clearing certain cube quantities. For instance, clear 5-6 cubes to make a rocket that clears a row, or clear 7-8 cubes to create a bomb that clears a 3x3 area. Clearing 9 cubes at once produces multiple cubes to clear all of the same color. Progress through different rounds by meeting goals and winning cool prizes. It's an engaging and rewarding cube-matching game.

7. Word Search

Word Search is a fun word puzzle game where you compete with other players to find hidden words in a grid of letters. The faster you find words, the more points you earn. Your goal is to find as many words as you can within a 2-minute time limit. But be careful not to make mistakes while scratching off found words, as it can cost you points. It's a fun word game for puzzle lovers, and you can play it on the Pocket7Games app. Enjoy the word-hunting challenge!

Sports-inspired Games

Our app also offers small games inspired by sports like pool games and basketball games. While these are only played online, they still capture the competitive spirit required in these sports.

8. Pool Clash

8 Ball Strike is a free 8 ball pool game where you aim and shoot pool balls to win. To play well, aim with a tap or drag and adjust the power before shooting. Be careful, as each pocket and ball has different bonuses. Race against the clock and outscore opponents to win prizes. To become a champion, learn to aim accurately, spin wisely to control the white cue ball, adjust your shot's power, and plan your moves carefully for maximum points. It's a skill-based pool game that's both fun and challenging.

9. Dunk Shot

Play free basketball games with Dunk Shot! You have three basketballs and three minutes to show off your skills. Bounce the ball by tapping the screen repeatedly, then quickly aim for the hoop before the shot clock runs out. Release the ball to shoot or dunk. If you run out of time with the first ball, you still have two more chances. The game ends after three minutes or when you run out of balls. The player with the most points wins. Don't miss the chance to make every shot and epic dunk. Play basketball online now and rule the court!

Games for the Quick-witted

This category of games within the P7 app requires players to think or respond quickly and effectively before the time runs out.

10. Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash is an exciting and highly popular online bingo game where you can play for cash rewards. It offers a user-friendly interface and engaging gameplay, setting it apart from other bingo games. You can enjoy hours of free bingo entertainment and have a chance to earn cash. It's a great way for bingo enthusiasts to have endless fun and the possibility of winning prizes anytime and anywhere.

11. Match N Flip

In Match n Flip, the uno card game rules apply. Your objective is to match the cards on the game board with the cards on your deck, following a sequence of colors or numbers, just like Uno. The more consecutive matches you make, the more points you earn. It's a strategic card game that will surely test your focus and attention to detail.

Games for Number Nerds

Of course, we would not miss adding some games for our number-lover players. These games will test your math and logic skills as you work through various number puzzles, and every correct answer could lead to real money rewards.

12. 2048 Blitz

2048 Blitz is an exciting twist on the classic 2048 game. It's a cool math game that challenges your problem-solving skills. Just like the original 2048, you swipe and merge tiles with the same numbers to make bigger ones and reach 2048 as fast as you can. It's addictive and gets progressively more challenging. Whether you're a 2048 pro or new to the game, it's a fun and stimulating challenge. Swipe to merge tiles, complete goals, and achieve the final goal within a time limit. Enjoy this cool math game and become a math wizard!

13. Dominoes

In Dominoes, two players each start with 7 tiles. One player begins by placing a double tile on the board. Players take turns matching the number of dots on their tiles to the previous tile. If the total dots on both open ends are divisible by 5, the player scores points. If a player can't make a move, they draw more tiles. The game ends when one player clears their tiles, adding their opponent's remaining tile values to their score. To win, reach or exceed 80 points. It's a strategic online dominoes game with a score-based goal.

Is Pocket7games legit?

The Pocket7Games app offers players the exciting opportunity to play over 10+ free games and win real money. Whether you choose to use your free tickets or dive into cash games, the platform presents a chance to earn fantastic rewards. One of the most enticing aspects of the Pocket7Games app is the opportunity to compete against opponents with similar skill levels in various skill games. This ensures a fair gaming experience, and players can also take part in exciting tournaments with various match modes. The higher you rank in these tournaments, the bigger prize awaits. Additionally, the platform provides a safe and secure withdrawal process through trusted partners like PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Venmo, ensuring that players receive their well-deserved cash prizes hassle-free. While Pocket7Games offers the opportunity to win real money, it's important to note that cash games are not available in specific states, including AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT. However, players in these states can still enjoy the platform's free games.


Pocket7Games is your gateway to an incredible array of real cash games that cater to all interests and skill levels. Whether you're a fan of classic card games, brain puzzles, strategy games, sports games, or memory games, this app offers something for everyone. It's time to turn your leisure time into an opportunity for fun and cash rewards. Download our real money games app today get ready to play, compete, and win! Don't miss out on your chance to unlock both fun and real money rewards right on your mobile device. With its unique features, fair gameplay, and secure payment options, the Pocket7Games app offers an enticing and potentially rewarding gaming experience.


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