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Jackpot Bingo Is Coming to Bingo Tour

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Play the new mission-based activity, Jackpot Bingo on Bingo Tour! Earn more rewards at this event. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to earn and play!

jackpot bingo

Greetings to all our devoted players! We are excited to announce the launch of an exciting new mission-based activity called "Bingo Jackpot". As part of our ongoing commitment to providing more opportunities to play and earn, we are continuously offering new events on our free online bingo. We encourage you to share this exciting news with fellow gamers and download our bingo game app now! Take advantage of this jackpot bingo event to double your earnings! You should not waste any time playing bingo and maximizing the earning potential of this event.

How to Play Jackpot Bingo?

The "Bingo Jackpot" is a task-based activity where players are rewarded for completing tasks rather than competing against others. Here, players earn numbered balls by playing cash games, hitting a Bingo when a ball number matches any number on the card. These numbered balls, classified into different levels based on their colors, can be exchanged for tokens based on their color classification. Here are the detailed steps on how to access the event:

1. Download Bingo Tour

Download the Bingo Tour app. Right on the home page of the app, you can access the event. Moreover, a pop-up window will be triggered to inform players about the activity upon their first login following the app launch. You will be redirected to the activity page when you click on the "Confirm" button on the game's result page.

2. Game Interface

The board is filled with a total of 24 numbers, and players fill the board by acquiring numbered balls. These balls are of two types: Basic and Wild. Basic balls are earned by playing a cash game. These balls come in 8 color levels. Each color corresponds to a preset number of tokens, and these balls drop from the Bingo machine at the top of the activity page. The higher the entry fee you pay for the game, the more value you get from the balls. Upon the activity's completion, players' total tokens will be converted into cash bonus. The total reward is calculated by multiplying the total tokens by the value per token. For example, if a player has 1100 tokens, each worth 0.01 Bonus Cash, the total reward will be 1100 x 0.01 = 11 Bonus Cash.

3. Claiming Rewards

Within 30 minutes after the activity ends, the rewards earned by the player will be automatically credited to their account. Also, within three days after the end of the event, upon logging into the app, a pop-up window will guide the player to claim their cash bonus rewards.


In conclusion, the jackpot bingo event promises an opportunity to double your rewards on the Bingo Tour app. If you haven't yet, now is the perfect time to download our free bingo game and participate in the event. Join players from around the world in this captivating mission-based challenge, and try your luck at hitting the jackpot in our bingo game online!


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