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Play "Flying Piggy" Bubble Burst Game For Cash

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Dive into the "Flying Piggy" bubble burst game in Bubble Buzz! Pop piggy bubbles for a chance to earn more cash prizes. Start your bubble popping journey today!

bubble burst game

Get ready to earn more cash with Bubble Buzz's newest in-app event "Flying Piggy." This latest offering will give you more opportunities to increase your winnings while you play free bubble blast games on Bubble Buzz. The event is now open starting from September 19th. The "Flying Piggy" bubble burst game is here to level up your bubble adventures. Download our bubble pop app now and get started on earning more cash by popping floating piggies. Popping them will surely feel like cracking piggy banks full of cash rewards!

How to Play Flying Piggy Bubble Burst Game?

Follow the steps below to access and learn how to play "Flying Piggy" on Bubble Buzz:

1. Access the Game

After downloading the Bubble Buzz app, open it and access the game in two ways:

  • Lobby tab: Players can find the entrance on the top of the Lobby tab, which is displayed as "Flying Piggy"

  • Popup: When the game mode is online, the system will actively trigger a notification popup for "Flying Piggy."

2. Join a Match

Jump right into the fun! Players have access to four pop bubbles game match modes. One with entry fees using gems, while the other three modes require cash as entry fees. Here's how gem matches and cash matches work.

  • Gem Match: This unique mode allows players to enter by paying an entry fee with gems. However, you can only play this mode once during the game's availability.

  • Cash Matches: There are three available cash entry fees. Keep in mind that you can only attempt each match once a day. Once you've explored all the "In-game Bonus" matches for the day, this mode will vanish, only to return the next day, ready for another round of challenges.

3. Pop "Piggy Bubbles"

The same rules apply to the mechanics of our bubble blast game. You shoot the bubble with a group of bubbles of the same color. The added fun is there will also be "piggy bubbles" that contain equivalent bonus cash or gems. Here's how it works:

  • Every "piggy bubble" you clear gets you rewards. Depending on the match, you could earn gems or bonus money.

  • Unlike regular bubbles, the colorful "piggy bubbles" can be cleared but not dropped. If a "piggy bubble" is about to drop, it quickly finds its match by flying towards bubbles of the same color.

  • Using in-game power-ups can also help you clear these bubbles. Lightning, rockets, bombs, and other power-ups will surely help you get more rewards by the end of each challenge.

4. Collect Rewards

Complete pop the bubbles game, submit your scores, and voila! In-game rewards await you, whether you win or lose. But remember, if you quit before submitting your scores, you'll miss out on these rewards. For those playing the One vs. Many match modes, there's a bonus that will double the rewards based on your match numbers.n When checking your "Flying Piggy" rewards, look for the subject name: Flying Piggy.

Location Restrictions and Limitations

Please take note of this restriction and limitation of our bursting bubbles game event. For our international audience, it's essential to note that players located outside the US and players from specific states like New York, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, and Maine CANNOT trigger the match mode. If your GPS isn't available temporarily, you might still get a glimpse of the match mode. However, once the GPS kicks in, and you don't meet the requirements, the match mode will fade.


The "Flying Piggy" bubble burst game will take your Bubble Buzz experience to the next level. It's an experience, an opportunity to earn more cash, and a whole lot of fun! With a fusion of vibrant visuals, strategic gameplay, and tempting rewards, this game is designed to keep you hooked. So, are you ready to pop some bubbles and make some cash? Download our bubble pop app now!


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