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Unlock Treasure Chest In Net Fishing Game

Updated: May 20

Dive on a net fishing adventure! Catch fish, unlock the treasure chest, and journey to riches by following the steps on how to unlock it. Better cash rewards await!

treasure chest in app events

Great news for our players who enjoy our mini games like Net Fishing! We are thrilled to announce a new gameplay upgrade called the "Treasure Chest." This feature is exclusively designed for players of Avia's best free mobile games: Bingo Tour, Solitaire Clash, Bubble Buzz, and Blockolot.

Our team has been putting continuous effort into upgrading bonus games, so our players can earn more. What an amazing way to upgrade a cute fishing game with even bigger rewards at stake. If you are not one of our players yet, head to the App Store now and get ready to download our bingo app, solitaire app, bubble shooter game, and block puzzle game.

How To Unlock Treasure Chest in Net Fishing Game

The gameplay is straightforward. The rules of the Net Fishing game still stay the same except for a major prize upgrade. Unlocking the treasure box requires accumulating shells and powering up your fishing net cannons. But first, let's discuss these steps briefly. Right after, you can try it for yourself and start earning bigger cash bonuses.

How To Unlock Treasure Chest in Net Fishing Game

1. Collecting Shells

When you attempt to catch a fish but miss the shot, you will receive a shell. Collecting these shells fills up a meter, ultimately leading to the unlocking of a special treasure. The progress will result in triggering the coveted floating treasure. The chest box contains random cash bonuses to add to your earnings on Net Fishing.

Take note that the more fishing nets consumed by a single cannon, the faster the box meter accumulates.

2. Catching the Treasure

The chest box can be targeted and hit with a cannon, providing a 100% chance of winning. It also comes with a countdown, allowing multiple captures within the time limit.

Also, as already mentioned, the more fishing nets consumed by a single cannon, the greater the rewards as well. Higher-level cannons mean quicker acquisition of rewards. The treasure disappears either when the countdown ends or when the maximum number of captures is reached.

During the online event, multiple treasure boxes can be triggered simultaneously, making the game more exciting for the players.

3. How to Check

To check the bonus rewards obtained from the treasure-catching event, simply look for the corresponding subject labeled "Net Fishing Chest."

See, this is how easy this new upgrade is. No complicated mechanics, so there's no reason for you to miss out on this new and exciting offering. If you love a fish catching game with an added twist, this is perfect for you.


The introduction of the "Treasure Chest" gameplay on Net Fishing adds a new layer of excitement for players of our bingo app, solitaire app, bubble shooter game, and block puzzle game. By collecting shells and strategically using cannons, players can unlock a bunch of bonus rewards from the treasures under the sea!

If you have not tried playing any of our games, don't miss out on checking them out. Download Avia's best free mobile games now to start earning more money this 2024! Set sail on this thrilling Net Fishing adventure!


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